Sadiq Khan(t) help himself

MP and parliamentary candidate for Tooting, Shadow Justice Secretary, Shadow Lord Chancellor and Shadow Minister for London is, it appears, unable to stop himself climbing aboard the latest Mili band wagon where the subject of increasing the electoral register is concerned with this article in the Huffington Post. Khan complains that fewer and fewer people are having a say in the future of our country; that he has no wish to make light of the task for elected politicians to show that politicians are in tune with people’s lives; that they get what issues concern us, and that they are able to do something about it, ending by pleading not to give political parties an excuse to ignore us, our family, friends and work colleagues.

Mr Khan, the people have never ‘had a say’ in the future of our country – and never will have while representative democracy is the norm; a system that can best be described as a form of democratised dictatorship. Neither, Mr.Khan, can you as a British politician do squat diddly about most matters while the United Kingdom is subsumed within the European Union and where the United Kingdom is denied its own seat on ‘standard-setting’ bodies within the United Nations.  Above all, the greatest sin that political parties have committed is that they have ignored us, still do – and refuse to acknowledge that fact.

In the somewhat vain attempt to ‘engage’ with Khan, this article has been brought to his notice via twitter (@SadiqKhan), although little hope is held that anything will result – hell, I’m still waiting for even an acknowledgement of my emails to his Leader, said emails being dated 30th November last year and 15th January this year.

The last thing politicians want to do is engage with the electorate – unless of course it is in carefully crafted (and thus controlled) sessions which are packed with tribalist voting fodder.

So much for democracy!

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  1. WG says:

    I always look to see how they voted on the Lisbon Treaty – Khan voted for not having a referendum.

    He and his buddies didn’t show any signs of listening then and they don’t now.

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