Representative Democracy vs Direct Democracy

All political parties, fake charities, etc, etc, spend time and effort to find a slogan that captures the public imagination in their effort to gain public support – and invariably fail.

With regard to the Harrogate Agenda and their 6 Demands – wherein they propose the benefits of adopting a system based on the principles of Direct Democracy vs the current system of Representative Democracy – methinks that @CallingEngland, on twitter, has found the slogan for the Harrogate Agenda:

“We endure while they ensure.”

Just a suggestion, Harrogate……….

5 Responses

  1. Andy Baxter says:


    seek and we shall find inspiration, ideas and energy…roll on The Harrogate Agenda

  2. Herod says:

    Harrogate, rubbish!
    Nothing can change until the franchise is changed, and that can never change.

  3. Niall Warry says:

    I don’t know what that means with regads to the HA?

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