Pot, Kettle?

So we hear that Nadine Dorries is to remain ‘whipless’ until she is able to demonstrate that she has rebuilt trust with her colleagues and her constituents.

This decision is made by another politician whose expenses have risen by circa £10,000 for the year 2010-2011 compared to2009-2010. Oh, but it is once again acceptable because all that additional money was claimed within the rules.

George Young is the MP for Northwest Hampshire, nearest rail station being Basingstoke which is but a 15/20 minute drive from his main home, yet he claim for the mortgage interest on a second home in the City of Westminster.

This MP, it should be recalled, as Minister for Housing in 1992 when asked during parliamentary discussions of the Armley Asbestos Disaster in Armley for financial assistance in surveying local housing in the Armley area for residual asbestos responded that the government would not provide financial assistance to the home owners or the council to pay for decontamination, as this “would not be a justifiable use of public funds.” He is also the MP who, while Minister for Housing, caused controversy by saying “The homeless are what you step over when you come out of the opera.” (Wikipedia).

No doubt this MP, along with a few others, believes that a commute of about an hour – one which plenty of the public make- necessitates a second home for which the public should contribute and that that is a justifiable use of public funds.

And the political class wonder why they are so reviled by we milch cows………

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  1. Sean O'Hare says:

    David, there is a bit of a problem with your comments system. When responding to comments the box intrudes into the right hand frame (i.e. your blog roll etc, which makes it impossible to see what one has typed. I thought it might have been a browser problem, but I’ve tried it on Firefox and on Chrome on two different PCs.

  2. Stuart says:

    George Young actually lives in a village just outside Andover and Andover has a railway station. It is an hour to London by train.

    • david says:

      I only chose Basingstoke as I know the journey is Woking then Basingstoke on a ‘fast’ train…….

  3. cosmic says:

    There is of course no need for poor Nadine to remain whipless.

    It is a service I would be happy to supply and only charge for necessary expenses, (travelling, sustenance, accommodation, wear and tear of necessary equipment – SS outfit and sjamboks).

    I can see a customer awareness exercise having to be priced in. Some apparently right wing, market conscious folk, have no idea the way prices have gone lately on genuine NAZI memoribilia and rhino hide sjamboks.

  4. Have you no pity for a commuting MP? An hour on a train in 1st Class at the taxpayers expense? Of! The hardship! The suffering! Buy him a million pound home in inner London immediately!

  5. Jim says:

    Why not build an army style barrack block in london. For as long as they are serving MP’s then they can have a room in it, once they quit or are unelected then they leave it as they found it, ready for the next occupant.

    • david says:

      Yes, Jim,that has been suggested previously and the Olympic Village would have been an obvious location.

  6. james Higham says:

    Fifty shades of Dorries.

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