Political Scandal (2)

Following my preceding post in which I considered sexual, financial and moral corruption to be rife in our politics, it is interesting that the Spectator, within a briefing email, has seen fit to refer once more to this this article.

Those readers with detection abilities may well be able to narrow the field down where examples of misbehaviour are cited.Some may consider the content of this article mere tittle-tattle but if true it is indeed explosive and just demonstrates the depths to which those in whom we place our trust have sunk but who, in turn, expect exactly the opposite behaviour from us.

If five women were able to bring down a third of MPs then I for one would willing contribute towards an annual stipend for them.

3 Responses

  1. Peter C says:

    While I accept your point, David, it should be noted that this behaviour is not really confined to, or particularly prevalent in, the world of politics, it is my experience (purely as an observer I hasten to add) this is a standard part of the make up in many powerful people throughout every walk of life, from the old cliché of the casting couch onwards through the media, business, academia and everywhere else, and it should also be noted that it is not just men that are affected (or afflicted) in this way.

    That said, one does have the right to expect elected representatives to cleave to a higher standard, ‘though there is likely likelihood of our seeing it. Power not only corrupts it also breeds venality.

    • david says:

      I totally agree with your first point however politicians spend their life instructing us about our behaviour, thought word and deed and using our money to do it!

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