Political prostitution

Both Richard North, EUReferendum, and Autonomous Mind have commented on the latest fiasco that has beset Ukip. Within the comments forum on Richard North’s article is one suggestion that Andreasen is but another career politician – yet another, I venture to suggest, who, to paraphrase Groucho Marx, has principles but also has others that can be wheeled out depending on which way the wind is blowing.

How this latest event will affect Ukip’s chances in the Eastleigh by-election is anyone’s guess, especially when considering Michael Deacon’s article in the Telegraph. If, as Deacon writes, politicians are generally held in contempt then it is logical to expect that the turnout will be fairly low. He hits the nail on the head when pointing out that it is not that people don’t want to vote, it is that they have no-one for whom to vote who commands their respect. It is also logical to assume, therefore, that at the 2010 General Election just over one third of the electorate felt the same way.

In talking to people I find that, while they consider today’s politicians to be liars and frauds, there is a universal view that the present system of democracy and politics has an inherent flaw. Exactly what that flaw is, they are unsure – until, through questioning, I find it is the remoteness of politicians; that they resent being told how they must behave, how they must speak; they resent the dictatorial attitude adopted by political parties on achieving government; they resent the change in the demographics of their country; and most of all they resent the fact they have no control over their politicians, save at election time – to name just a few of the opinions offered.

A recurring refrain among those to whom I talk is:  “There must be a better way

Cue a new movement to change things?

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