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Chris Skidmore, Conservative MP for Kingswood, has an article in the Daily Telegraph about planning laws, one in which he pleads that if local communities are to have faith in the planning system, then the system needs to recognise that there needs to be a much stronger local voice than currently exists.

Meanwhile, in Switzerland, a referendum is about to be held in order for the people to have their say on efforts to tighten the federal law on land use. Here is a Q & A session with urban planning expert Pierre-Alain Rumley in which he discusses the dilemmas involved in what is being termed a contentious vote.

The contrast between who has ‘control’ of planning in Switzerland compared to the United Kingdom is very marked.

2 Responses

  1. Dave H says:

    That’ll be like what happened with Northstowe (a new town proposed near Cambridge), which borders on farce. First, the local councillor for the adjacent village was hauled before the standards committee because, despite being elected by the villagers to put their case, was deemed to have an interest and was therefore barred from even discussing the matter with other councillors.

    Then everyone eventually settled on an intermediate number of houses for the size of the development, about eight thousand, if I recall correctly. As a final twist, Prescott called in the decision and his department imposed the plan with the maximum ten thousand new houses.

    So much for local power.

  2. john in cheshire says:

    Lardarse Prescott has a lot to answer for. I just pray that I see him behind bars before I die. Together with his cohorts.

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