Perhaps ‘flawed’ is the word?

We know that standards of journalism, especially in the Telegraph, have plummeted. From the home page of that newspaper’s website (as at 13:35) one is forced to ask: “floored”? Really?

Gerrard: we must not abandon experience

Steven Gerrard, the Liverpool captain, says the club’s apparent transfer policy of refusing to sign older, more experienced players wrong and floored.


4 Responses

  1. Gary Jarvis says:

    Yeah, but he is a Scouser though…..

  2. Ian E says:

    Voice recognition software and little proof-reeding(sic!)?

  3. A K Haart says:

    Oh dear – our language takes another dive.

  4. Woodsy42 says:

    I saw a beauty a few days ago. That Russian airliner on the motorway was reported (heading and throughout text) as having suffered from faulty breaks. Unfortunately when I returned to grab a copy they had corrected it.

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