Perhaps a post re-title is necessary?

I have just come across a blog, named English Standard whose latest post is titled: “Thoughts of an English Dissident” – a post well worth reading (and please ensure you do), from which:

“The saddest thing about the ‘liberal’ agenda is that it is not liberal at all. It has appalling double standards. It preaches against the “politics of hatred” and division yet its policies divide society…”

How else to explain the rise of English nationalism; the call for an English Parliament; the political inequalities of England highlighted when compared to Scotland and Wales, both of the latter enjoying, respectively, their own Parliament and Assembly which have the right to decide certain matters for themselves. And England? Note how it is ‘frowned upon’ by the political elite for the English to demand the same ‘rights’ to self expression – yet Muslims and other ethnic races and religions are permitted to do just that, in the process citing their ‘human rights’.

That multiculturism and diversity are proclaimed by our political elite as the ‘way to go’ – except when it comes to England and the English people – is but part of the programme of social engineering practised by them through slavish subservience to the European Union – the latter whose aims are for the eradication of the nation state and the promotion of the idea that we are all citizens of Europe; a country that does not exist, geographically.

Have the political elite forgotten their history? Does history not have example after example showing that where nation states are subsumed into a ‘forced’ entity, that eventually nationalism resurfaces and those nation states regain their individual identity? And the amount of blood, sweat, tears – and loss of life – expended in that process of regaining a national identity is conveniently overlooked by the political elite in their desire for power – and to whom the people and their suffering obviously matters not. Coincidentally, it must also be asked of the people, have they forgotten their history because why else would they allow such events to occur?

It is because the views expressed by an English dissident appear to be becoming more and more ‘mainstream’ among the people of England that I believe the post has been mis-titled with the use of the word ‘Dissident’. It has been suggested by some writers that the next world war will be fought on race – and those writers may well, to a certain extent, be correct. Where they are wrong, something that the political elite appear not to have grasped, is that the next ‘race’ war may well be fought closer to home – on their doorstep, in Europe.

Unless, of course, the people realise that they are but pawns in a political game of chess – and upon that realisation demand Direct Democracy and Referism, by which means they can regain their voice; and at the same time save themselves a great deal of blood, sweat. tears and loss of life.

Just saying………..


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  1. TomTom says:

    Local Elections need to be recaptured. The Victorians did not simply put one cross in a box. They voted for School Board; Burial Board; Poor Law Guardians and could become Commissioners……the whole system was far more accessible. Now, in a so-called “educated” age people simply put one cross (mark of illiterate) in a box to empower some party to do as it pleases………there is no Long Ballot allowing Voters to chose areas of spending priority, or to have write-in ballots, nor referenda…. it is simply a Soviet Election

  2. “Have the political elite forgotten their history?”

    I would say yes David, they weren’t there to fight in the “European civil war”, so they don’t understand these things.

    The nation of Europe, must fight to preserve its national currency, its culture, and its very identity. That Mr. Hilter was only trying to re-assert the European national identity, when that nasty Mr. Chamberlain came along and started a wa…

    Oh, no, wait a minute… I’ve got that a bit wrong… er…

  3. Peter C says:

    “Have the political elite forgotten their history?”

    I doubt they ever learned any history or if they did it was in the modern educational way, rote answers with no actual understanding of the content or implications. Then there is the hubris problem, like Brown crowing ‘we have eliminated boom and bust’ while stoking the biggest credit boom in history then setting the government to borrow even more when it popped. This the same old ‘it’s different this time’ mantra whenever ‘experts’ do or promote the wrong thing and those with common sense remind them it has never worked in the past.

    • david says:

      “This the same old ‘it’s different this time’ mantra whenever ‘experts’ do or promote the wrong thing and those with common sense remind them it has never worked in the past.”

      Which is exactly why we need direct democracy and referism! Appreciate that is what you implied – just thought I would spell it out for pedants……… (joke, PC)……..

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