Oh, the irony…….

Ministers will next week set out plans to ban excessive credit card surcharges, premium-rate customer service telephone lines and hidden extra costs on online sales as part of a drive to improve consumer rights, a story reported by the Financial Times (£).

And Ministers of political parties have not ‘maxed out’ the nations credit card whereby we are paying £40+billion per year surcharge in interest alone? And government departments do not keep us waiting when we call them (albeit not premium rate) while we listen to innumerable options and being told our call may be monitored in the name of equality and diversity?

Any politician looked in a mirror lately?

Referism‘ and ‘Harrogate‘ anyone?



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  1. john in cheshire says:

    WfW, if this lot spent the rest of this parliament just repealing legislation, that would be time well spent. Over the years, I’ve suggested several times to my MP that all legislation post May 1997 should be repealed. He doesn’t react to the suggestion, and probably thinks I’m making a joke.

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