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Odd, that.

Reviewing the local elections of last Thursday, Ed Miliband makes much of the fact that his party attracted 38% of the vote, while David Cameron and those in his party, in bemoaning the fact that his party only garnered 31% of the vote, seeks to portray his  party’s poor showing by comparing it with the greater losses experienced by Labour when that party was in government. It cannot be repeated too often that, as with most political utterances, both claims are bogus because the percentage figures aforementioned are derived from those of the electorate that actually voted. As Richard North, EUReferendum, rightly points out, of the total electorate only 12% voted for the Labour Party and just 9.92% for the Conservative Party and that when nearly 80% of the electorate either abstained or voted for smaller parties, then the existing system of democracy is broken beyond repair.

Following on from that, we are treated to the most nauseating attempt by Cameron today, with an article in the Daily Telegraph, informing us that where our complaints are concerned – he ‘gets’ it. It will not have escaped the attention of readers to this blog – and others of similar views – that Cameron does not ‘get’ it, as for him to ‘get’ it would involve a complete reversal of policies which he is currently following; for example:

  • The younger in our society, if they wish to attend university are faced with the prospect of incurring vast debt in order so to do; yet when Cameron and his ilk attended university they did so on the back of taxes paid by the parents of those young members of our society.
  • Those in employment, in what the politicians love to term ‘hard-pressed families’, are now forced to work for longer as their retirement age has been raised, while politicians and bureaucrats can, if they so wish, retire at 60 or even younger.
  • Benefits are being cut and/or reduced for those working, hard-pressed families who find themselves made redundant, yet politicians are given a ‘bonus’ when they have been rejected by their employers.
  • Hard-pressed families find their pensions ‘cut’, or even wiped out, by our politicians, yet those same politicians still receive their pensions from taxes paid by those same hard-pressed families.
  • Members of the public are banned from bearing firearms to protect themselves, yet the politicians allow those that protect them so to do
  • The public are finding it exceedingly difficult to purchase their first home; yet politicians, by far the majority, have two homes – one of which is paid for from the taxes levied on those who cannot afford one.

To what, exactly, is Cameron and the remainder of his claque, listening? Cameron’s lack of awareness is all to evident in his argument that he and his colleagues are not a bunch of accountants trying to turn round a failing company – we are all aware of that because any competent accountant, besides being able to add two and two, would immediately surgically remove the unprofitable part of any failing business and attempt to sell it. And who, in their right minds would want to purchase a group of unproductive politicians – but I digress.

How can Cameron, or Miliband or Clegg, listen to what the people say when the people say nothing – just exhibit a sullen silence?  That the people do not voice their dissent is an intriguing question as it is curious that we appear willing to fight abroad to protect our country, yet we seem unwilling to fight at home to protect our country.

Just saying………………..

4 Responses

  1. TomTom says:

    University not only costs more but has worse teaching, lower quality students, degree courses for which school leaves them unprepared and in need of remedial tuition. In the past A-Level could serve as Year 1 University whereas today it is O-Level standard.

    As with so much people pay much more to get much less but to make them Debt Slaves to Banks. Government is spending much more in financing tuition fees so has to cut teaching budgets – it did this simply to create a new product-line for Banks

  2. Derek Buxton says:

    He has listened to no one except his hand picked “yes” men since purloining the job of leader…..leader LOL! If he looked at comments in the press and internet he may get some idea of what we think of him.

    • david says:

      He reads the press alright – which is why he has an inflated ego, but read the internet……..?

      If he or any of his sycophants read the blogs, we would all have been shut down by now…….

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