Now we have it in black & white…….

……dare one say ‘from the horse’s mouth’?

Following on from Richard North’s article in EUReferendum, wherein he linked to an article in the Guardian, it would appear that that newspaper missed a quote by Merkel:

“Of course the European Commission will one day become a government, the EU council a second chamber and the European Parliament will have more powers. But for now, we have to focus on the euro and give people a little bit of time to come along.”


I can’t wait to see how Cameron overcomes ‘this difference’!

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  1. IanPJ says:

    The Guardian ‘missed’ it? rather you mean ‘omitted’.

    Cameron will continue to use the blind man method on the great British public. If it ain’t in the paper or on the BBC, it didn’t happen…

    Thanks for bringing it to our attention.

  2. Peter Melia says:

    She also said, further down, the same article, the following:-
    “I want a strong UK within the EU. The UK was with us when we were liberated from National Socialism, I cannot imagine the UK not being part of Europe,” Merkel said.
    What a gross travesty of European history!
    This lady is far to intelligent, to well educated, not to be completely aware the Britain was most certainly NOT with Europe when it was being liberated from National Socialism.
    No, Mrs.Merkel, during the period in question, which was 1939 to 1945, Britain, and the USA, and Canada, and Australia, and New Zealand, and South Africa, and India, and Malta, and Kenya, and, and, and…indeed the entire Anglosphere, plus some brave but of necessity token “free forces” from the various occupied countries, they, and they alone, without any help from occupied Europe, did the liberating you trivialise.
    Do not forget that most of those Anglosphere liberators lived over half a world away from Europe, they were in it solely and simply because Britain was in it.
    And one of the costs to the Anglosphere was the deaths of over one million men & women. How many occupied Europeans died in the same period, for the same cause?
    How dare you, madame, imply that Britain is not part of Europe?
    If blood be the price of membership, we have paid in full.

  3. Stuart says:

    She isn’t be very honest because the Commission is already a government. Anyway, I am now waiting for this tibbit to be announced in the Telegraph with a “the Telegraph can now disclose”: NOT!

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