Now, this is “interesting”…..

According to Politics Home Ed Miliband has called on the Government to stop threatening to restrict EU migrants access to benefits with “windy rhetoric”, telling Radio 5live’s John Pienaar that David Cameron should not “start floating things unless you know that they are actually possible to be done”. This comment by Miliband is obviously as a result of May and Duncan Smith taking to the airways about immigration from the EU.

And the reason(s) that it is “interesting” is what, dear reader? C’mon, thinking caps on please – I’m not doing all the work round here (grins)…..



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  1. Sue says:

    Because he’s perfectly correct? Although it has to be said if they can defy the EU on prisoners votes, they can defy the EU on other things too, but they won’t of course. Cameron is a Europhile and doesn’t have to live or compete jobwise with our east european neighbours.

    • david says:

      And why might he be perfectly correct? And have they defied the EU on prisoners votes? The fact they have not yet capitulated to my knowledge is hardly defiance…….

  2. david says:

    One comment on twitter from @Purplerevolutio asks whether it is because they’re all talking bullsh*t in order to draw attention from the fact they can’t do anything – to which I responded: yes, but keep thinking………

  3. Woodsy42 says:

    Firstly – as Sue points out – he is correct, Cameron is powerless.
    However what we don’t know is whether Milliband is pleased about Cam’s lack of power and taking pleasure in the fact that Labour signed up and made him powerless because Labour wanted the immigration OR whether it’s just a bit of friendly advice from one proponent of the EU to another rather as one actor might helpfully prompt another.

  4. Edward. says:

    Miliband, merely highlights Dave’s impotence.

    All of these puny ‘initiatives’ and ideas are just like spitting into the wind – and about as productive. The EU, makes our immigration quotas – we await the first coach loads of purveyors of the ‘Big issue’ and then the benefit frenzy can begin in earnest!!
    And that is exactly what the EU wants – redistribution of wealth [north to south] and the extra thinning of the blood of the British Isles.


  5. JohnM says:

    Huh !
    It was the conservatives who wanted an extension of the EU to try to prevent the emergence of the European State.
    While he [Cameron} is talking-the-talk, he is now walking-the-walk. Indeed, if you look closely you will note that it is, and has been since the start, the conservative party that has “led the way” on the EU. Oh, and the UK opted-out of the Schengen agreement (open borders), not that it seems to have made any difference.

  6. david says:

    Ok guys and girls, no-one has yet picked up on the point that this appears to be the first tacit admission by Miliband that it is the EU that governs our immigration policy and that neither he nor Cameron can do squat diddly about it.

    Also that he advises Cameron not to float ideas that he cannot deliver – er, how exactly can Miliband deliver his one nation dream? Muslims will never conform to our ideas and we sure as hell won’t confirm to theirs – which rather means Miliband is doing exactly that of which he accuses Cameron.

    Oh and @JohnM, Cameron is neither talking the tllk nor walking the walk!

  7. JohnM says:

    He’s all talk, that’s the problem.
    He knows the only way is an article 50 negotiated out.
    But knowing and acting are different things. Especially with strongly pro-EU party, even if the majority of EU sceptics within disappear if any action is needed. I’d like to say at least you know where labour is coming from….if I could believe that they had anywhere to go to. With all the three parties pro-EU (even if quiet about it) that only leaves UKIP….and who really knows what Farage thinks…if anything.

  8. Robin says:

    Good article in the Daily Mail today by Melanie Phillips on a related subject showing that Theresa May is a two faced lying bint .

  9. DP111 says:

    And the reason(s) that it is “interesting” is what, dear reader?

    1. Commonwealth treaties forbid it.

    2. UN treaties forbid it.

    3. We aint got no more money.

    4. The “Elephant” forbids it.

    Give up.

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