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A correspondent has sent me a copy of a letter that appeared in his local press:

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Now, just who would pay for all this training and what the total cost would be is a matter which has probably not crossed Oliver Steward’s mind. Neither has it probably crossed his mind that if we weren’t the first port of call for most of the EU there wouldn’t be the ‘call’ on our existing emergency services. Nor that had we had a decent education system we probably would not have so many apparently unemployable neets.

Another item to which my correspondent pointed appeared in the Norwich Evening News and related to a visit from David Miliband. This Labour politician is one who obviously believes in presenting a balanced talk:

“Let’s teach about politics and the Labour Party and talk to people about big ideas.“It’s teaching young people so they can make their own minds up.”

Er, no Mr, Miliband, teaching children about politics and the Labour Party is political indoctrination – no more no less – which makes it rather difficult for young people to ‘make their minds up’ when only one viewpoint is presented.

Readers will also see that Miliband was accompanied by Jessica Asato, the Labour Party Candidate at the next general election – nothing like a little electioneering, is there? On the basis that it is a requirement for any educational establishment to present a balanced view, where the subject of politics is concerned, it would be interesting to know which other politicians had been asked to give a similar talk – if at all.

Another point of concern is that Miliband believes the low number of Labour MPs in the South-East was ‘dangerous’. Why and how so? Is Miliband suggesting that people should not be able to elect who they wish and that if they make the ‘wrong choice’ they should have someone from another party imposed on them?

Christ on a crutch, these bastards have ‘rigged’ democracy in this country in their favour already – and now they want to ‘tighten the screw’ even further? What would be even more interesting is the question of how many letters this particular article generated and the content of such. Not that many would be my guess, which says a great deal about Norfolk sheep who, no doubt, are no different to the sheep from any other town or county.

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  1. Nice post David. Firstly an apology from me. I forgot to thank you to the very kind link to my last article.

    I’ll link to this as soon as I can get myself to write my next piece. You highlight a key point about the left and owning the culture which I think is a key aspect. I don’t know what Miliband thinks he’s proposing here that’s new. The Labour mantra is already in schools. It’s the breeding centre for those who would vote themselves money and a workshop where they get the hammer and chisel to chip away at the pillars holding our society up

    • david says:

      Thank you and you have no need to apologize – it was my pleasure. Looking forward to reading your outpourings……. 🙂

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