Now and again…..

…. you see something that warms your heart.

My thanks to an email correspondent who brought this to my attention; a comment to an article in the Daily Telegraph:

Not only does direct democracy get a plug, but also the fact that the present Ukip meme is not good enough!

My day has suddenly ‘perked up’………

3 Responses

  1. Nick says:

    Many of us – I post as wibbling – have said similar before. Then you get some idiot lefty posting or an illiterate nit and you suddenly realise that they will be allowed to vote along with the sane, rational people.

  2. microdave says:

    He’s quite correct to observe that “Sir Humphreys” are the problem. As long as the Civil Service is infested with Common Purpose “graduates”, we will never get anywhere.

    • david says:

      That is true but under HA anyone can be held accountable – it just needs to be inserted in the local constitution?

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