Not another lie?

Richard North, EUReferendum, has posted on the subject of Nick Clegg’s “phone-in” on LBC in which Clegg repeated the oft-made claim:

“that about three million, one in ten jobs in this country are dependent now, one way or the other, on our membership of the world’s largest borderless single market”.

Let us rewind to 31st October 2011 and Nick Clegg, Today on BBC Radio Four:

“There are three million of our fellow citizens, men and women, in this country whose jobs rely directly on our participation and role and place in what is after all the world’s largest borderless single market with 500 million consumers right on our doorstep… isolation costs jobs, costs growth, costs people’s livelihood.”

This figure of three million jobs has been quoted since 2000, here by Stephen Byers (Trade and Industry Secretary) and here by Tony Blair. In the same year a report was issued by the South Bank University in which the figure of three million is mentioned. Yet another report was published in 2000 by the National Institute of Economic and Social Research in which it is stated that: “detailed estimates from input-output tables suggest that up to 3.2 million UK jobs are now associated directly with exports of goods and services to other EU countries” and went on to state that: “there is no reason to suppose that many of these [jobs], if any, would be lost permanently if Britain were to leave the EU”.

From Hansard of 2011 a figure of 3.5 million was mentioned during a BIS debate in the HoC about overseas investment, based on an analysis apparently conducted in 2006. Further, a BIS report from February 2011, on the UK Government Response to the European Commission Consultation on the Single Market Act, stated that “the single market has also contributed to increased growth of at least 1.85 per cent and the creation of 2.75 million new jobs across the EU since 1992.”

There was a further report in 2008, by the predecessor to BIS namely the BERR, which found that: “approximately 3 – 3.5 million British jobs are linked (both directly and indirectly) with exports to the EU”.

An extensive search of the EU website has failed to produce one report by the Commission about any UK-specific estimates of the number of jobs created as a consequence of EU membership.

Another interesting fact is that, if this figure of three million can be traced back to 2000, it seems a tad strange that current estimates are the same as those made twelve years ago – not least because we have seen a significant recession during this period.

With all the instances of politicians being economical with the actualité, it is becoming obvious that they have no intention of promoting accuracy in any public debate – which is a surprise (not)!



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  1. john in cheshire says:

    On the other hand, should we actually leave the EU and regain control over our national destiny, the potential number of jobs that could be created could well exceed any notional number that the europhiles claim will be lost. In reality, I think that no jobs will be lost as a result of our withdrawal and many jobs will be created as a result of our freedom to conduct business with the rest of the world, free of the EU constraints.

  2. Paul Williamson says:

    By saying referendums are not always good, the USA ruling elite is asserting democracy is not a good thing; and the UK elite has not refuted it. I just cannot see how we can do anything. We beheaded Charles I and reformed how this nation was governed to become more democratic. 350 years later we now have another corrupt ruling elite. The wealth, power and influence they have is vast. Is our nation going to continue down this spiral for 4,5,10,20,30 more generations?

    • david says:

      Tsk, tsk, you expect our govt to rebut the US? On the basis that everyone is younger than me, I think it possible you will see a change although I may only see the beginning of change…..

  3. Pogle's Woodsman says:

    All part of the Judas Goatery. Let people walk hand-in-hand with Hannan’s ‘truth’, Branson’s ‘truth’, that of Cameron, Obama (!) the Beeb, Miliband, your loyal, upstanding MP (unless you’ve been blessed with one of the very few good ones…). Looking left, right, up, down – when those people percieve that ‘truth’ in all directions, then they’ll do nothing but go the way of that ‘truth’.

    Just this week, however, is on example of how their truth can falter – unexpectedly.

    One of the chief mouthpieces of that truth, dispensing it from a comfy sofa every sunday morning in a million homes, was sadly subjected to a stroke. His version of that truth would have been priceless, so there have to be insurance policies to protect that truth.

    (Warning. Advanced Paranoia in the next paragraphs. Anti-conspiracy theorists should look away now.)

    So. Branson collects some rich businessmen together because he wants to see online eurosceptics monitored. (My word, not his). In fact, they’re not just rich, they’re fabulously rich beyond the realms of avarice, and it would seem that those riches have some form of linkage with EU membership. And yet, despite that, they are clearly very worried about some unpaid researchers and historians who have a dogged attitude to access inconvenient and best-unseen aspects of the story thus far.

    Then whaddayadoo? Risk the riches? Let the public run the chance of coming into contact with those little bits of tittle-tattle that might distract attention from the Judas Goats. (They’re fallible after all, imagine if one of them turns out to have been a Gary Glitter all along..?..)


    At the right time, use your money, political and business interests to lean on Web servers, hosts of those tiresome websites to get them, well, not ‘closed’, but make access to them so very much more difficult. It would be a shame if their site was hacked and wrecked after all – there are some nasty but innovative Nigerians out there, remember? Involve EU-dependent solicitors (there are some deeply lucrative little sinecures there – won’t take long to convince a lawyer that a threat to their chambers needs to be looked at – their fee will only be a tax-dodge in any case, so why worry?) to compile mistakes made by these sites, and again, at the right time, send a Writ to an offending compiler on behalf of the EU. Doesn’t matter that the case will go nowhere – if that site is offline, and that compiler silent for the right period, then the box is ticked..).

    I’m sorry to be putting out a downer before the weekend, and no disrespect to anyone, but our online activities are only possible when the information is online and accessible. We can’t rely on continued access to it – as extreme as it sounds – because on the principle ‘follow the money’ the Eurosceptics are being heard to the extent that the powers-that-be are now exercised to the point of involvement. I don’t know what the solution is, but I would suggest that there will be threats from those directions now, and will be real. Those little epithets ‘fruitcakes.. swivel-eyed loons’ were comfort blankets only for themselves. They’re paying attention now.

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