Norway PM’s message to Cameron

At 4:30pm today David Cameron is to hold a meeting with Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg and the reported message she brings with her will no doubt be seized on by those campaigning for the UK to remain a member of the European Union. Solberg’s belief is that it is in Norway’s interests for the UK to remain in the EU, where it could act as a break on those pushing for closer integration.

Against that view consideration has to be given to the forthcoming convention and IGC about treaty change; and were the Spinelli Group’s ideas for a new treaty to be incorporated, then Solberg is going to have the same problem that will face Cameron – join in or accept associated membership.

We can therefore expect more of the ‘fax democracy’ meme; although one can but hope that it will also be reported that Norway has a few problems of her own where tax on cheese is concerned plus the fact that it is also reported that she has failed to implement over 400 directives (including the 3rd Postal Directive) and thus stands accused by the Commission of obstructing the Single Market.



4 Responses

  1. Derek Buxton says:

    She is of course talking of her interests, not her Country or ours. But when two people get together to talk, neither of whom know that of which they speak, only chaos and lies can ensue.

  2. In2minds says:

    Poor cameron, first Merkel then Solberg telling him what to do!

  3. cosmic says:

    Norwegian politicians and civil servants are desperately keen to join the EU, but the pesky people have got in the way.

    No doubt Solberg is looking forwards to associate membership in the hope it will drag them further in and muddy the water more to being a member. If Britain left, it would make the prospect of Norway being sucked in more remote..

    As Derek Buxton says, Solberg is talking about her interests.

  4. Flyinthesky says:

    “We don’t want to be in it but we’d like you to stay in it to mitigate our liabilities” What she fails to realise is they are not remotely concerned about our input or opinion they just want us disempowered and remain contributory.

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