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Having been utterly depressed with politics as a result of my previous post on the recent debate in the HoC on matters EU, I feel a change of topic is necessary consequently this musical interlude.

I have always been drawn to recordings of songs I know which are sung in a foreign language – there is something about the “mood” that it creates. As a result, initially two videos for consideration – Willie Nelson with Julio Iglesias and the latter with Nana Mouskouri:

Digressing, when considering noteworthy songs from my “era”, those by Roy Orbison must rank worthy of mention and one that is so is little known, as far as I am concerned in that it never seems to get mentioned where his “hits” are “listed”, is “California Blue”. Way back in the early 90’s I had a holiday on Minorca and visiting the various hotels that provided entertainment in the evenings was a group – whose name I forget – who sang this in Spanish. In searching Google for a version – which I was unable to find – I did come across an instrumental version by a German guitarist which I will save for another time; anyway, as they say: nothing beats the original:

As part of Orbison’s career he was instrumental (forgive the pun) in forming a group called the Travelling Wilburys and one of their most notable recordings was a fabulous jive track, namely “End Of The Line”. Sadly this video was filmed after Orbison’s passing and his presence in the group is portrayed by the guitar on the rocking chair:

 I can but trust those of my era enjoy this selction.

Poignant afterthought: On returning home from Minorca, I switched on the kettle and then the radio. At the time the music station of choice was Magic fm and the first record that was played was “California Blue”…..

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  1. cosmic says:

    Know what you mean

    Try this

    The sound of the words is good, what they were singing about not so.

    Try this


    You can’t be sad and hear Spokes Mashiyane or Kwela at all.

    Then there’s the Soweto String Quartet

    They’ve done a lot of other things

    But you can’t help thinking that while they are playing it they are under a strain and are only just suppressing breaking into Kwela.

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