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Missing the point

Someone from Capitalists@Work forwarded me the link to this article, presumably as a result of my post yesterday on Grillo and events Itialian. The Capitalists@Work article ends with the question: “With hatred of Labour for wrecking the economy in 2008 and the Tories for the austerity since, could an Italian style political situation yet develop in the UK?”.

An Italian style political situation could develop within the UK, but not in the manner that the article suggests, ie the creation of another political party or the possible increase in the representation of smaller parties. That a number of the Italian electorate did consider their politicians corrupt, elitist and “closed” is beyond doubt; as is beyond doubt do most of the electorate in the UK. Where the unspoken similarity is concerned can perhaps be explained by the fact that both electorates know there is something drastically wrong with the system of representative democracy but as yet have not figured out how that deficit can be addressed.

Barroso may well consider events Italian “populism” and thus dismiss them out of hand because it goes against his views, what concerns Barroso is should what he terms “populism” spread then he knows that the “EU dream” is dead in the water. In any event what is “populism” other than an example of the freedom of the people of one country to decide by whom and how they wish to be governed? But I digress.

Reverting to the question posed by Capitalists@Work, what will happen is the spread of a movement designed to shape future politics in the UK.

Just saying…….


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