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Autonomous Mind linked to a post from one who Richard North recently renamed The Foiling Brog, on the subject of David Cameron’s Address to the CBI. Both AM and TBF wrote their articles prior to the text of Cameron’s speech becoming known – and now that it is, it is worth mentioning other points he made.

Setting to one side the point that TBF made about politicians promising one thing but delivering another, as with any speech by a politician what is immediately obvious is the belief in their divine right to govern, to rule.

Witness that we need a government to order our lives; that they inherited a deficit bigger than Spain’s or Greece – not so, Mr. Cameron, it is we the people that inherited the deficit. Cameron informs us he ensures that his government treats people equally – thus confirming my long-held assertion that politicians and government consider themselves our master. It would appear that Cameron’s sense of importance knows no bounds if his remark about Parliamentary Select Committees is to be taken at face value.

As TBF has raised the point about politicians saying one thing and meaning another – allow me to add a further example: David Cameron’s speech outside 10 Downing Street, as Prime Minister, on 11th May 2010, from which:

“…….and yes it is about making sure people are in control – and that the politicians are always their servant and never their masters.”

Not only do politicians promise one thing and deliberately practise the opposite but also in the way of most authoritarians, when asked a question then ignore the question and provide their own ‘take’ on the subject. This is illustrated by Restoring Britain who comments on last weeks Question Time. It will be recalled that the panel were asked for their views on the matter of whether companies should be boycotted, those who pay a very low rate of tax in the UK.

There is a certain element of irony in that, as there is in David Cameron complaining about EU regulation and so doing at the home of the CBI who are one of the biggest lobbyists for more regulation across the entire sphere of economic activity – as Richard North, EUReferendum, points out – and it is an irony that appears to have gone over not only Camerons head but also the collective heads of the CBI.

To a certain extent, when considering anything that those within the ‘bubble of Westminster’ say or write it has to be remembered that their words are not aimed at us – they are aimed at those within the ‘bubble’; hence the title to this post.

As AM stated at the end of his post, Cameron and his ilk are not elected to rule and dictate to us, they are supposed to listen to and represent the views of we, the people – and it is to achieve the latter that the Harrogate Agenda was conceived.


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