Lies and democracy

An email correspondent contacted her Member of Parliament with regard to powers that have been lost to the European Union – and powers that continue to be lost. The following response was received from said Member of Parliament:

“Dear Mrs xxxxxxxx,

 The UK Parliament has complete freedom over its Budget.  It has complete freedom over Health and Education policy.  It has virtually complete freedom over the welfare system as evidenced by our recent Welfare Reform Bill. 

With very best wishes,

Andrew Selous – Member of Parliament for SW Bedfordshire”

The UK Parliament does not have complete freedom over it’s Budget – if it did it would not be forced to raise additional monies in order to send £10billion, per annum, to Brussels; it would not be forced to raise additional monies in order to spend untold £billions on unworkable energy provision and carbon capture, for example.

The UK Parliament does not have complete freedom over Health policy. Only a fortnight ago we were informed that the UK faces being hauled in front of the ECJ unless it drops its requirement that  jobless EU citizens cannot stay in the country for more than three months unless they have their own health insurance.

The UK Parliament may well have complete freedom over education policy, which no doubt accounts for the abysmal state it is in – but I digress.

The UK Parliament does not have virtually complete freedom over the welfare system because as long ago as 2000, at the Lisbon summit, European leaders agreed to set a target for the EU to have 70% of the working age population employed and to increase the number of women in employment to 60% by 2010; and to do that also meant reform of the welfare system was required which involved use of the tax system and job subsidies to employers, for example – all measures taken as a result of the Lisbon summit and the agreed target.

It is mendacious of Selous to claim that which he has, but as PPS to Iain Duncan Smith he has no other option but lying in order to retain his position on the first rung of the promotion ladder – and here we arrive at the problem with our present form of democracy.

Unconstrained, politicians will always lie or, as Alan Clark admitted to doing, be economical with the actualité as it is the only means they see of retaining the power which they have, over time, usurped from the people. It is sad that the situation presently exists whereby, we know they’re lying, they know we know they’re lying, but they keep lying to us, and we keep pretending to believe them, because no system of democracy can last on such a basis – as history has demonstrated many times.

The sooner that politicians and the people realize that the present system of democracy and the way politics is ‘done’ cannot be sustained, the sooner this country will once again become prosperous – both economically and socially.

Hopefully Harrogate will be the start because if one country started down a new path on the 4th of July I see no reason why another cannot attempt the same process 10 days later.



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  1. john in cheshire says:

    Is this Mr Selous, related to the founder of the Selous Scouts? If so, then he is a disgrace to his family name. How on earth did his gene pool spawn such a defective? It just goes to show that genetically, those who were noteworthy do not necessarily spawn more of the same.

  2. graham wood says:

    Excellent post and commendable reply to yet another slippery sycophant. If the Hoc of C was to slip quietly into the Thames tonight would we miss it?
    The reply could also have mentioned the EU’s massive impost of regulation on aspect of business and commercial transactions – most of it attributed to “domestic” legislation. IMO the only answer to this ghastly situation is to spell it out to our carrerrist politicians that whilst they or their “party” continue to support EU hegemony they will share the undying hate of all who care for our countrty, and that they must pay the political price of their treachery.
    I live in hope that at every election yet more Brits will wake up to the fact as to how deeply they have been conned and refuse to vote for ANY party (except perhaps UKIP in protest) so that the turnout plumbs new depths of NONE OF THE ABOVE. How great if it dropped so dramatically that this reptilian class were finally scared out of their wits about losing their seats and all that goes with them.
    Less than 30% turnout would be a good start and would help concentrate what is left of their tiny minds.
    I’m intrigued by the reference to Harrogate and how it will be the “start”. Of what? (I have a daughter in Harrogate)

  3. Peter C says:

    If I had the time, and the commitment, I suppose, I would do a comparison of every law and regulation introduced, say in the last decade, and compare it to whatever relevant EU directive, draft or proposal is available. We all know that there would be 100% compliance, and would, I suspect, demonstrate that those EU tentacles spread even into things that are not specifically EU Areas of Competence like Education and Health.

    I would like to see them wriggle out of it if it was in black and white and obvious that every bit of legislation was designed to fit the EU template rather than address any real national need.

    • david says:

      Yes, I would too, if I had the time. Sometime ago I posed the question,which I nicked from IPJ, name 6 things that do not involve some interaction with the state.

      Actually, Education is one area that I believe they have not meddled in yet although indirectly they do as our Parl agreed that the EU could be taught as a subject.

      Health they most definitely do meddle in although not a competence yet like education – working time directive (doctors hours)

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