Letting genies out of bottles

Such an act usually allows something bad to happen which cannot then be stopped – at least not without a great deal of work and aggravation, a process invariably involving unpicking legislation and treaties made/entered into by politicians who originally most definitely did not engage brains when introducing/signing it/them.

In an attempt to trace the origin and thus the blame for the effects of certain legislation, especially those of a societal nature that seem to be causing more problems than they solve, the trail leads back to (a) Westminster; (b) the European Union; (c) the Council of Europe; or, (d) the United Nations.

When considering problems of a societal nature the reason is obvious – it is the introduction of policies dealing with equality, diversity, equal opportunity and immigration. Consider, within the UK, have not such policies caused problems in marriage (who can marry in a church); schools (uniforms); the workplace (work attire); and society in general where traditions and customs are concerned.

However I have to ask who is ultimately responsible for the ensuing mayhem in marriage, schools, the workplace and society in general, to use those examples? Who permitted all the legislation that has caused this mayhem? Who, by permitting such legislation, has allowed politicians unfettered opportunity to engineer our society and country to the extent that the indigenous population of the UK begins to wonder who they are and what is the country in which they live?

The blame for all the problems and social disruption from which the UK presently suffers can be laid at the door of the people; people who have allowed themselves, through the sin of self-centredness, to ignore that which is happening around them in the mistaken belief that it did not affect them. As we protect our family, our homes, our possessions; and for all of which we will fight tooth and nail, so we must protect our country otherwise we will have no home, no family, no possessions – and ultimately no country.

It cannot be stated often enough that the sooner the people of this country understand and accept the reason for the demands behind this movement, the sooner the greater percentage of that against which we complain will become but a distant part of our chequered history as a nation and as a people.

Just saying…………

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  1. john in cheshire says:

    I think that we have been conned into thinking that because the Berlin wall fell in 1989 that heralded the end of communism. And, of course, it wasn’t. The same forces that were busy destroying us for the past 100 years or more just kept on going. I think that until we realise that our enemies will continue to win.

    • Robin says:

      That was Gramsci`s idea . Dont bother about elections and being a politician , he told his admirers , but get into the other positions of power and influence and change society surreptisiously .

  2. Ian E says:

    I’m not sure that it is fair to blame the People – most of them have not even the slightest inkling about what is being done to them. It’s a bit like blaming cattle for entering the slaughterhouse.

    I don’t know how most people can be woken, but until/unless they are (and I should say that task must fall on you/me and the other Few who are awake), I fear the pols will keep on winning.

    • david says:

      How many people do you hear every day complaining about one thing or another – yet they do nothing, it never crosses their mind to think of doing anything.

      Yes we need to educate them – but at the end of the day the question wil be can they even be bothered to be educated?

      • Ian E says:

        Probably not – they are just sheep bleating! [Apologies, I seem to have changed my animal metaphor.] This is why I fear that the pols will win, always.

  3. Edward. says:

    They’re back, it didn’t take long and once more: ‘knocking on the gates’,

    Yet, ‘we’ allow them to walk over us and the politicians enabled it deliberately, multiculturalism brought civil war to the streets of Britain and soon – have a look at Germany: It’s coming to a street near you – I, you, we all are witnessing it!

    Soon, with Putnam’s crafty tabling of an amendment on Cameron’s putative ‘Defamation Bill’ – censorship of the press is the thin end of the wedge – next the internet and the pincer movement of the:
    “As set out in the Strategic Defence and Security Review we will legislate as soon as parliamentary time allows to ensure that the use of communications data is compatible with the government’s approach to civil liberties.” Theresa May offender of civil liberties

    Oh and arriving soon, b***%&y to made obligatory.

    Who said Gramsci ever went away?

    Remember and mark this well.

    Complicit, our liberal and political elite facilitated all of this and it was all done with a certain malicious glee. Britain always the main target – they [the Cultural Marxists] always feared our dogged spirit and renowned battling qualities and the end is nigh, unless we all stand up and at the last start being truly counted.

  4. You have to hand it to the founders of the Fabian movement – they have succeeded in getting their people into all the positions of influence and power and now control the civil service, local government services, education, the media …

    Democracy is an illusion. It has been subverted and perverted and now all anyone ever votes for is a change of the vivible faces – the scapegoats. The real power is all in the hands of unelected ideologues with only one aim, the bring about the Great Socialist World Order.

    • david says:

      Democracy is indeed an illusion – in more ways than one. I do agree that the “backroom boys” need to be controlled and made answerable – and that is possible via the 6 Demands.

      • Robin says:

        How ? The six demands are control of politicians , not civil servants , teachers , border controls etc .

        • IanPJ says:

          Then the six demands must be extended to include all and any public servants or public sector workers.

          • Jim says:

            All of the public sector is reliant on funding from the government, or more accurately is reliant on funding from the private sector tax payer. Demand 5 ensures that the government only has a certain amount, and all spending must be accounted and agreed to. Thus there is no money for the government to pay the civil servants , teachers , border controls etc .

            in effect they still have their battle tanks, but they have no fuel, and no way of obtaining any either, short of honestly telling the public what they want the fuel for, who of course would say no.

            It would be like me knocking at your door and saying “please can I have £2?” you ask “why do you need it” i reply, so i can go to the shop and buy half a dozen eggs to throw at your windows. No matter what i leave with, it may be a black eye, but i certainly will not leave £2 richer.

            • Robin says:

              But if you lie and tell me the £2 is for your childs operation , then spend it on drink , what comebacks do I have even IF I AM AWARE OF THE ACTIONS YOU TAKE WITH THE MONEY ?

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