Lest we forget

There have been calls for the renationalisation of our railways and yet those so calling seem to have overlooked that it is already happening under their noses – EU style‘.

Bearing in mind that ‘transport’  is now an ‘occupied field‘ (third paragraph from the end – read, mark, learn and inwardly digest, please!) where the EU is concerned, can anyone tell me where lies the difference twixt ‘freight’ and ‘passengers’? HS2 anyone?

One has only to read the print media and Hansard to know that we are blessed with ‘informed’ journalists and politicians.

Just saying……..

4 Responses

  1. Peter Melia says:

    The link you offer leads to a Richard North item. At the end of the piece he coins the phrase
    “The curse of the occupied field”.
    Why cannot this beautiful phrase be brought into popular use?
    If it was in casual use in the high street, pubs, universities, BBC (joke) wouldn’t it serve to focus people’s attention more closely on the problem?

  2. Informed politicians? An oxymoron surely?

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