Justice? What justice (2)

Related to my preceding post, some weeks ago I posted an excerpt of an interview John Hemming gave on Edge Media to Theo Chalmers. I have tracked down on youtube the entire interview, accessible from the links below, which lasts about 1 hour 50 minutes. When it is realized that this interview is three years old and that the examples John Hemming provides are still continuing – as illustrated in article after article by Christopher Booker in his Sunday Telegraph columns – the immediate question has to be asked: why? 

Why do politicians allow what obviously is a system not fit for purpose to continue to exist? What actually happens to children taken into care? Bearing in mind ‘matters Rotherham‘ are children being placed with ‘politically acceptable’ families? If so, are children being indoctrinated with socialist/communitarianism/common purpose/Agenda 21 teaching?

One note of ‘correction; and that is to do with the fact that in previous posts I queried why so many MPs seemed oblivious of what is in the public media. During the interview with Theo Chalmers, John Hemming does disclose that he does, with the permission of other MPs who he names, act on their behalf and does so because those MPs acknowledge his expertise in this area.

Of course, under the Harrogate Agenda child protection services would become a local matter, one without the constraints imposed by national government, and it would then be possible for local people to decide how this service should be managed and what information about the service is made public.

What is, as I have said previously, a national scandal needs – and must – become a mainstream topic and one that should near the top of the public’s concerns.














Afterthought: For those readers who do have in interest in the failure of our Children’s Social Services,  I would urge you to watch the interview if you can spare the time – papers lost, solicitors refusing to provide files, solicitors in the pay of social services, etc. Just how can this be allowed to persist?

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