Just what is it about the name Cameron?

IanPJ posts on an article that has appeared in the Daily Telegraph, one authored by Sue Cameron, which he rightly says is “sheer unadulterated bullshite”. Mind you, it should not cause surprise when considering that that which emanates from her namesake in No10 can also be so classified.

A few days ago I wrote about this regionalisation ‘thingy and showed that all the cities for which mayors are being proposed are in fact EU regions and David Cameron’s ‘Mayoral Cabinet’ is but part of  the EU regionalisation of our country, while being presented as part of our ‘democratic process’. It is, as IPJ says, delightfully ironic that those in the Westminster ‘Bubble’ are beginning to realise that their days are numbered and that the power they usurped from us is now being usurped from them.

It is a great pity that while we may be able to ‘sue’ one Cameron for misrepresentation, we can’t the other.

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  1. DP111 says:

    Yet the sovereignty of parliament remains. All it takes is for the MPs to say “NO”, and the EU game is over.

    But they wont, as they are scared. I don’t what they are scared off, but scared they are. Maybe they know that if they attempted to take back power, their own complicity in treason will be revealed. That is not pretty.

  2. thespecialone says:

    Well I for one and am glad that we will not be voting for a local mayor.

    • david says:

      Well, in Witney the local council haven’t even got round to asking us if we want one……..

      Actually I must chase that up, coupled with whether we’re to be asked whether we want to change from the ‘Cabinet system……..

  3. Truly sorry to disagree, but there is no way that the mayors are part of the regionalisation programme. The plan is for each major city to be allowed a referendum, such as in Bradford this May. And unless you know different, Bradford is not and never has been an EU region.

  4. david says:

    You are of course correct, Richard, when you state that Bradford is not an EU Region. I should have qualified my statement by adding that it is according to NUTS where the collection of statistical information is concerned. (Level 3 – UKE41)

    Also accept that the election of Mayors is dependent on referendums – however, Cameron is lobbying hard for a yes vote on that.

    I would however disagree that the mayoral elections have nothing to do with the regionalisation of the UK. The cities in question have members on the CoR, the latter who profess to speak for regions and cities. The mission statement of the CoR claims autonomy for their right to secure appropriate financial resources for regions and cities. Cameron’s Mayoral Cabinet, according to him, is to allow Mayors to give cities the opportunity to lobby the Government and potentially win new powers and funding for their citizens – and we all know at whom the lobbying will be directed and from whence will come the additional funding.

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