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Just thinking – which leads, logically, to: just asking

In any human relationship the most important element is trust; consequently for any relationship to survive both parties in that relationship must trust each other completely – with no caveats. Naturally each party to the relationship is able to make individual judgements on matters affecting only them, but where any judgement affects both then it is usual to discuss and agree such a judgement.

Logically then, if politicians trust the electorate to choose wisely at the ballot box, why is it that when elected those same politicians no longer seem inclined to trust those who elected them? Is that any way to maintain a relationship? When any relationship is formed and one party abuses the trust given by the other; and for one reason or another it is essential that the relationship has to be maintained, then is it not normal practice for the wronged party to impose restrictions on the wrong-doer?

In a democracy, a relationship exists twixt those elected and those who elect and in the case of the UK for far too long those who elect have been abused by those elected; as a result it is now more than obvious that the terms of that relationship require fundamental change because, as in any relationship, there comes a point where the abused will not – and mentally or physically cannot – accept any further abuse. Often such a situation involving abuse of trust results in the wronged taking action against the wrong-doer, resulting in some cases in the wrong-doer’s loss of life.

How long then will the abused wait before they insist on some “ground rules” to avoid the unpleasantness and continuation of unnecessary abuse – nay, the rape of what is rightfully theirs? More to the point, how long is the wrong-doer prepared to wait until they suffer their own loss of life?

Would it not be in the interests of both the elector and the elected to discuss this problem that manifestly exists and arrive at an amicable agreement?

Just asking……….

The wrong-doers do need to recall that, just in the UK, there are 60+ million who have been wronged and only 650 wrong-doers. Now extrapolate that world-wide – hear the ground trembling yet? Spread the message and you surely will.

As an addendum – just saying……


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