Its party conference time – yipee!

With the onset of the party conference season, a thought occurred. Every year we are addressed by politicians preaching their ideology to us at their party conferences and at each of the conferences we hear the same thing, with little difference in the ‘message’ regardless of from which party it comes.

The message preached is based on one tenet and one tenet only: that they – and only they – know what is best for us because we do not possess the ability to govern ourselves. What are termed ‘keynote speeches’, given by party spokesmen and their leaders at these conferences. are directed at us from platforms which invariably contain slogans designed to highlight differences between the political parties where in fact no differences exist, least of all in the platforms used.

That the platforms and the messages delivered from them are both crap – and forget the Republican/Democrat references – is best illustrated by Ronald Reagan in the following video:

Indeed, both the democratic platform on which our democracy is based and that used by those preaching that democracy all share the same basic characteristic. Has not the time come whereby we should all ask ourselves one question, namely, have we not had enough of this crap?


Afterthought: As we are on the subject of Reagan’s humour, the first story in the following clip illustrates exactly why politicians should never be put in charge of anything, least of all a country.



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  1. Andy Baxter says:

    couldn’t agree more with you David;

    sadly the big money sponsorship continues to flow to suport such circuses….grassroots input no matter what the idealogy doesn’t get a look in…..and when it does it gets carted off (Walter Wolfgang Labour 2005) and shunted sideways if any dissent if evident.

    When we have direct democracy and sovereign counties then party political conference season would die a death as big money would have no influence on policy and real power would lie where it matters locally.

  2. Andy Baxter says:


    link provided below and having watched the video again, it struck me at how relevent it is, even now to illustrate the contempt that these elites have for us….total utter contempt, we are not wanted nor needed except as milch cows for the extraction of profit and as brainless voting fodder to keep the illusion alive that we live in liberty.

    I once asked the question of some friends; Is living in a ‘democracy’ the same as living in liberty? few of them could grasp the difference until I explained it to them.

    wake up sheeple!!

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