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The media and twitter has been abuzz with opinions on the reshuffle being carried out by David Cameron and the unfolding ‘news’. It is an illustration of the nadir to which politics has sunk that not one commenter has queried the unimportance of who is in charge of tea-making, paper clips or putting the rubbish out.

That the real news is happening on the continent of Europe, within the EU, would appear to have escaped everyone’s notice – what a surprise (not). Yesterday evening we had the news that Moodys had lowered its outlook for the European Union’s AAA credit rating to “negative” and warned that the bloc’s rating could be downgraded. To my knowledge not one section of our media has dealt with events ‘euro’ to the extent that Richard North, EUReferendum, has and in the course of which linking to foreign media. Neither have I seen reports, in any detail in our media, on the resultant ramifications of Barroso’s call for the need to not only complete economic and monetary union, but also pursue greater economic integration and deeper political and democratic union. Just those two items underlines my contention that it matters not who is in charge of paper clips etc in this country – do we have control of our own justice, environment, business regulations?

While on the subject of inconsequential movement, yesterday we were regaled of the news that an MP, long held to be a eurosceptic and to the right of his party, gave a speech at the Centre for Policy Studies which was interpreted as a call to arms – aka a shift in policy – which the Government would be well advised to heed. This entire speech, by David Davis, was in effect a call for the status quo where our system of government is concerned. There is not one acknowledgement of the fact that the money government spends is not theirs but ours; neither is there one acknowledgement of the influence – and constraints therein – that the EU has over how our country conducts its affairs. In this speech there is a call for a curb/cut in business regulations – well it would be interesting to see him curb a possible ‘Reding Incoming’ if and when it arrives. Should Viviane Reding get her way then national authorities would be able to choose one or all of the following options to enforce a quota of 40% of the seats on supervisory boards being filled by women: financial penalties; exclusion from bids on public contracts; restricting access to national and European subsidies; and requirements to cancel appointments of women or men when a board is too heavily tilted toward one gender. While the UK government may oppose the implementation of gender equality, the decision will be taken by QMV, which may well resut in the UK being in a minority.

Of interest to those that believe in the Harrogate Agenda will be the statement by Davis that he is not a believer in a minimal state but rather an optimal state. Now the use of the word ‘optimal’ is interesting – it translates, according to the Concise Oxford Dictionary, as: best or most favourable, esp. under a particular set of circumstances. One thing of which we can be certain is that the political class will ensure that a particular set of circumstances will exist that allows the state to achieve whatever size they, the political class, wish. It follows that Davis, in common with his political colleagues, will ensure that reresentative democracy is the only form of democracy that we will be allowed to have – and/or know about – thus ensuring continuation of their status. Where this desire by politicians to retain something from which they derive their power is concerned, it is worth recalling the words of Frederic Bastiat who said that when plunder has become a way of life for a group of people living together in society, they create for themselves in the course of time a legal system that authorizes it, and a moral code that glorifies it. I use the word ‘plunder’ deliberately in that Davis is obviously a believer that in our acceptance of, for example, income tax we concede the principle that the government owns all our income and permits us to keep a certain percentage of it – and I will resist the temptation to digress and associate the word ‘plunder’ with the word ‘expenses’.

It is worth remembering that amid all this inconsequential movement not one thing has changed among those who govern us, nor about the future of our country. I would suggest that the majority of the public know not who MPs are nor care not which MP has which job – a view point summed up admirably by Adams cartoon in today’ Daily Telergaph:

It has been pure ‘theatre’, a ‘show’ for which a fee-paying public audience has failed to materialise. Some would proffer the view that because of the disregard shown, by a lack of interest in themselves and their country, the public deserve every totalitarian measure that is imposed on them – and about which they will, in due course, no doubt complain.


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  1. Nick says:

    I posted – as bubbles15 – repeatedly on the Telegraph website that this would end in a mess and that we needed truly representative government. I linked in the comments to autonomous mind regarding the Harrogate discussion and the result was being banned by the DT mods. Now, I asked them why the acocunt was banend and they refused to answer, so I created another one and began posting the same thing.

    They don’t want people to know. All the press are partisan, dedicated to their party following. Most refuse to believe that there is anything they can do about it and the others are too ignorant to understand it.

    Nothing will ever change. There is no great movement of decent souls willing to take up a banner of democracy. The people are too stupid, to bored, to apathetic, hell, many are simply too busy taking the children to dance or Judo lessons or working 9 days a week.

    I’ve written to my MP regarding his party’s puff with a long argument that I have had no surprise to – and, to his credit, he usually does write back despite being of the opposite (statist, top down, do as I say red through and through) breed of Labour man.

    Honestly sir, I don’t know what we can do. No one cares enough. No one has the energy to fight back. No one believes they can make a difference. It would, after all, take 6 million of us – businesses, individuals – going on a general strike and refusing to pay tax for a day. It simply will not happen. We cannot win. Things will only get worse: the political class want them to.

    • Andy Baxter says:

      “Pain is temporary, quitting lasts forever” Lance Armstrong

      “Age wrinkles the body, quitting wrinkles the soul” Douglas McArthur

      “Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude.” Thomas Jefferson

      Give up if you want Nick, but I aint joining you, for the first time in decades I am enthused and full of belief in what Harrogate has the potential to achieve, it will take possibly years decades even to achieve our goals, but we will do so, we will face hurdles of despair and mountains of Everest proportions in our attempt but I believe in this and I WANT this so bad I can taste it.

      Its going to be hard its going to be tough but when you do nothing,and say to others nothing can be done, all you achieve is a sense of and feeling of being overwhelmed and powerless. But when you get involved, no matter how hard the task, you feel part of something, a team and the sense of hope and accomplishment that comes from that is infectious and self sustaining, even from small almost neglible successes comes the ‘power’ from knowing you are working to make things better.

      I’ll leave you with words more powerful and inspiring than I could ever think of:

      “Most of the important things in the world have been accomplished by people who have kept on trying when there seemed to be no hope at all.” Dale Carnegie

      “Little strokes fell great oaks” Benjamin Franklin

      • Nick says:

        Forgive me but there’s many quotes, but what are you going to do? What *can* you do?

        I respect and admire your perspective. it is one I hold myself but in my heart we will never be allowed what we deserve. There are too many entrenched enemies too well funded. For every penny we spend on a campaign they take pounds of our money to publicise the opposite, for their advantage.

        So again: what can you do? What are you doing?

  2. Andy Baxter says:

    change your mindset Nick: “we Demand” we are not asking cap in hand like Oliver “please sir can I have some more?”

    quotes are powerful soundbites that resonate, do they not? do they not convey a message more powerful than reams of rhetoric?

    STOP thinking inside the littel box TPTB ahve cosntructed for you, we can never change the status quo by playing ‘their’ game and as long as you think the way they have conditioned you to think and your happ with your comfy life then sit on the sofa and drink in the propoganda until one day they come smashing down the door to take everything you have including your liberty.

    we hae a long way to go Nick, this is but just a first faltering step, we are progressing with What we WANT and its developing, in fact we are almost there, The HOW to get what we want will come… will take time and a considerabl amount of effortand thinking and organisation, it may at the end game stage be too uncomfortable for some accept, but we don’t need ‘millions’ look at the fuel protests in 2000, a few thousand well organised committed people with a common goal, and excellent communications and a simple comprehensive message instilled palpable true eye popping top lip qivering FEAR into the hearts of TPTB…..

    You have a choice Nick, we all do: to be part of it, to contribute positive effort and committment and share in the success, to feel proud you had a part in something bigger than youself…….or be negative accept your microchip tagging and the stall in the cattle shed and be milked until the day you die as you watch your offspring tethered and milked to death also..

    its up to you……

    • Nick says:

      All right, yes, but what can we do? I could quote until m head explodes, demand until the sky falls in but it won’t make any difference so again: what can we do?

      I support your intent entirely but we will never be given the choice. Never be offered anything. We must take it, and that means civil disobedience which most people are too apathetic to countenance.

      • Robin says:

        Put more effort into being positive rather than negative .

        “It is better to light a candle than curse the darkness ” Eleanor Roosevelt .

      • david says:

        No NIck, it means a bit of re-education for the public – which is what the Harrogate Agenda is about.

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