Human Rights – a question

An article appears on about human rights in which Andrew Clapham, Director of the Geneva Academy of International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights, responds to questions – one of those put being:

“One problem until recently was to get the Universal Declaration of Human Rights accepted as a common reference. Some countries refused it because of religious and cultural objections or traditions. Are Human Rights now universal?”

His response is extremely revealing, in that he attempts to convince us that Human Rights is something now established and that our time should be spent catching those that violate them – what one might term the typical response from a lobbyist and/or social engineer.

Whatever the religion, culture or tradition that governs another country’s society and the treatment of sections of that society, what right does that give more ‘enlightened’ societies, or supranational bodies, to impose their values on others; which is what ‘enlightened’ countries and supranational bodies – such as the United Nations – are attempting to do with the imposition of an ideology which, if adopted, does no more than open a Pandora’s Box?

Having opened that Pandora’s Box, how long before those like Clapham, the ‘enlightened nations’ that have ‘bought into the idea of Human Rights – and the United Nations – begin suggesting and then banning travel to those countries? Countries such as Saudi Arabia, China, Singapore and Thailand, as examples?

Are countries no longer allowed to decide their religious and/or cultural beliefs nor no longer allowed to uphold their traditions? If countries are ‘sovereign’, is it not their right to decide the religious, cultural and traditional aspects that govern their own societies? Is it not that same right that dictates their decisions about how the behaviour of visitors and immigrants should be enacted? Is it not the right of the individual to decide whether they visit such countries, based on their own opinions?

Human Rights is but one element that has escaped from the Pandora’s Box that every government of every nation has, at one time, opened. Might it not be an idea, where the most basic ‘Right’ of all ‘Rights’ is concerned, if all countries adopted this idea? Might not then all countries ‘live together in peace’? After all is not that what we all, regardless of nationality, wish?

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4 Responses

  1. Ian Hills says:

    Human rights” are group rights, like those established by the Nuremburg Laws. I want my CIVIL rights back.

  2. Woodsy42 says:

    I thought the point of agenda21 was that the UN would take over and no countries would be sovereign?

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