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Huhne from a discredited political class

After months of denial the sinner recants and admits his guilt – what a surprise not, considering that of which he is part. Where the standing of politics and politicians in this country is concerned, it could be said that the expenses scandal – in which Huhne has questions to answer –  provided the coffin. Huhne’s conduct, which has included repeatedly lying about the speeding charge, provided the lid and which he has now – linking to his own standards of morality –  screwed shut.

When one considers the time of Profumo and the public’s discovery that a Member of Parliament was guilty of having lied – and for those of us around at that time feeling an initial disappointment, which soon turned to disgust, that this should happen – it shows the nadir to which politics and politicians has sunk that the admission by Huhne causes no surprise.

Sentence has yet to be passed and while said sentence could vary from being suspended but coupled to community work, to a term of incarceration, this aspect of the case is to a certain extent peripheral.

Huhne accepted £17,000 pay-off on leaving the Cabinet and he has accepted salary as an MP and Government minister on what might be termed a fraudulent basis. Should not those monies be returned to the public purse? And what of his pension – should not that be forfeited or drastically reduced? The courts  will decide his sentence and parliamentary authorities will no doubt decide on the matter of his pension – but neither of those two bodies were the “wronged party” and neither of those two bodies provided the funds from which Huhne benefited

Is Huhne’s crime of abusing the trust of his electorate any different to the abuse that some MPs – still sitting in parliament because they were re-elected in 2010 – committed  against their electorates where the matter of “expenses” are concerned? That Huhne faces committal and others do not would seem to raise questions about our system of justice, how it is applied and more importantly who’s “finger is in the pie” where the application of justice is concerned.

There will no doubt be outrage among the public in respect of Huhne – but the public should realise that they put Huhne and others like him in Parliament, they condone a system of democracy that is well past its sell-by  date, one which permits such disgraceful behaviour. Therefore I would suggest that outrage is the last thing people are entitled to express. Perhaps it is more a question of physician, heal thyself.

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  1. Antisthenes says:

    MPs were once the engine that drove democracy forward now that engine no longer works in forward gears and reverse has been engaged. I have said it before and I reiterate here politicians in parliament and government are now democracy and good government’s nemesis and should be expunged from the political system. They have lead the UK and other developed nations to economic and social ruin. Power has proved for politicians to be corrupting and is being used in nobody’s interest but theirs. They have encouraged a society that has base standards and values, is selfish, corrupt and dysfunctional setting an example by their own actions, deeds and rhetoric. Let the people now govern themselves others doing it for them is turning out to be a dismal failure. Governments and parliaments must be staffed by apolitical representatives who only function and act according to the wishes of their constituents.

  2. graham wood says:

    Antisthenes. Good post, and your analysis spot on. In reality then it is back to the the Harrogate Agenda, which is about the only answer to all this.

    As regards Huhne, I hope the judge takes into account the fact that Huhne’s stout “not guilty M’Lud” over many years means that he was attempting to CONTINUE perverting the course of justice right up to yesterday!

  3. Antisthenes says:

    @ GW
    My thoughts on what changes need to be made to best preserve and increase democracy and the Harrogate agenda would be treated with amused contempt by the vast majority and especially the establishment. I believe we must not delude ourselves in thinking that we can effect any change soon or even be able to at all. To make them mainstream in thought and deed is going to be an uphill challenge. A challenge that even the likes of Witney and others do not have the resources or support to win. Of course if change does not come about in the vein that we advocate then the system will continue to deteriorate and eventually collapse and change will be forced upon it. However that change may not be to our liking either; desires and outcomes are more often than not not compatible.

  4. david says:

    In response to gw also, the HA has not yet gone public. Towards the end of this month I am hppeful of there being a web, twitter and facebook presence.

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