How UK politics evolved

Cross-posted from AK Haart (with his permission) under the title “Marriage of convenience” comes a short and concise explanation of how politics in this country came to be shot to hell.

“Once upon a time traditional British politics was neatly divided into two camps. One lot was Nice but Wrong while the other lot was Nasty but Right.

This was always a jolly convenient and an easily understandable system, even for MPs. The downtrodden and paid “helpers” of the downtrodden would elect Nice but Wrong MPs. Once in power, those MPs would, with a impeccable rationale, seek to correct social ills via complex publicly-funded schemes which inevitably made things a lot worse and much more expensive. This comfortable yet somewhat rickety arrangement was a huge boon for those whose ambition it was to put things right without the remotest risk of succeeding, all from deep within the warm and cosy confines of the public purse.
Eventually the Nasty but Right crew were supposed to come in to patch things up, but being Nasty they tended to feather their own nests – as a reward for being Right I suppose. Unfortunately they weren’t often Right let alone right, so the two camps drifted into a strangely incestuous embrace.
Eventually they acknowledged their deep and abiding love for each other, although they never actually came out. Even so, they got married under a special dispensation from the EU and promised to love, honour and obey whatever might be appropriate at the time. 
So we ended up with Nasty and Wrong.”

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  1. Woodsy42 says:

    Do you mean evolved – maybe degenerated is closer?

  2. cosmic says:

    I’d say WWII and the amount of centralisation which took place as part of the war effort was a significant factor.

    As I see it, governments come and go, but the Civil Service, which has its own agenda, stays there forever, completely untouched by the democratic process.

    Anyway, this seems to be similar to and maybe part of a process which we are seeing elsewhere in the world such as the USA and Australia.

  3. Nick says:

    Something on this note is a truly worrying phenomena. A child has sued – wasting tax payers money in the doing – the state for finding her a job and paying her to do it.

    That in itself is farcical, but here’s the rub: people think she’s right. The BBC commenters you expect to be idiots. Most are hard lefty old miners or metropolitan sociopaths, much like the oaf Toynbee. What you don’t expect is to see the same deranged stupidity on the pages of the Daily Mail.

    There one expects common sense to prevail, for a girl without qualifications or relevant skills, found a job is unwilling to do it and calls such ‘slave labour’ because it simply isn’t what she wants to do to be villified as a petulant, spoiled brat typical of today’s generation of entitlement filled horse manure but no. There, in plain view the highest comment waffles on about ‘slave labour’ and ‘fair days work for a fair day’s pay – except if she doesn’t take this job she is still paid by the tax payer but has to do *nothing* to earn it.

    The lowest marked comment is the sensible one, saying that work is actually good for her and that sadly, you don’t get to choose your life if you’re dependent on someone else for your existence.

    Now, faced with that overwhelming propaganda and public belief, that someone else should pay regardless; what chance has common sense prevailing? This is Toynbee Territory. Hassan land. The realm of the boy Jones and the toddler Penny. These people are idiots. Spoiled, stupid, petulant brats yet this me me me has infested the state.

    That, folks, is why nothing will improve. It is why Dave will not make the decisions he must. It is why politics is paralysed. It is why the EU has been ableto infiltrate the state: the public are thick.

    At the moment there is a massive client state being paid for by about 29% of the population. It is depressing that that 71% is now able to do and say whatever it likes and the remainder is forced to fund it’s stupidity without being able to stop the horror they are forced to fund.

    Therefore I am leaving Britain. I’ll take my money, my employees and their tax income with me. I’ve had enough of being treated like shit by shit who then stick their hand out for more money. It is time it was slapped away.

    • david says:

      I assume then that you are most definitely not a happy bunny? Would that I had some money to take out of the country, because that I would readily do.

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