Honesty and Truth

Two articles today appear in the Mail and Daily Telegraph, the first authored by David Starkey and the second by Bruce Anderson. It is not my intention to pass comment on the content of either post, however I will quote two passages, one from each. First:

“Tell the truth to the British people … They may be a bit offended at the moment, but if you have told them exactly what is going on you have insured yourself against complaints and reproaches which are very unpleasant when they come home on the morrow of some disillusion.”

and, second:

“The Prime Minister should employ a stratagem which is under-used in politics, and which is frequently successful because it is so unexpected: honesty. He should trust the electorate; treat voters as grown-ups…..”

Politicians are not honest and therefore cannot be expected to tell the truth. If anyone believes they are honest and thereby tell the truth then I suggest they go read a party political election manifesto, or better still, Hansard.

If politicians were honest then they would admit, at the outset, that once elected it is their right to decide matters according to their beliefs Рa criteria which is far removed from representing the views and interests of those who elected them. If politicians were honest they would not speak as they do during debates in Parliament, using tired, worn-out cliches which mean nothing. Some time ago Matthew Parris, on Westminster Hour, aired a short discussion on just this subject and the two parts (well worth listening to) can be heard here. The report, at the end of part two, of a fictional statement by a minister is a prime example of  obfuscation Рand thereby, dishonesty.

Not that I am supportive of Bob Diamond but I find it a tad ironic that, according to Politics Home, Andrew Tyrie condemns Diamond for “his highly selective evidence” and being “somewhat misleading”. Are not politicians guilty of ‘highly selective evidence’ and being ‘somewhat misleading’ every time they put pen to paper or open their mouths? Examples of this deceit are too numerous to mention, but as examples, let us select their statements on localism, immigration, climate change, planning law, EU membership; in all those areas politicians have lied – and continue to lie – to the people.

Because politicians, by their nature, belief in loyalty to their party coupled with an unbridled lust for power, will never tell the truth is the reason why ‘Harrogate’ is so important.

Politicians may well maintain that everything they say or write is the truth – however I would suggest that their ‘edit button’ is broken.

Just saying…………


5 Responses

  1. Derek Buxton says:

    Good article, i caught the Anderson article, and commented on it, but did not see the other. You are correct of course, politicians lie, Just the first hundred or so pages of “The Great Deception” give chapter and verse. But they still carry on doing the same old, same old lying in their teeth.
    Change is needed, keep up the good work.

  2. kenomeat says:

    One good example is Cameron’s statement about reducing the level of immigration to tens of thousands. He must have known that it was impossible under EU rules.

  3. Robin says:

    Its not just the politicians . The mandarins in the civil service help them along . Sometimes the senior recivil servants inveigle the politicians a co conspirators against the interests of the British people .

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