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In viewing the following video clip and applying it to this country – and not just to banks but, for example; politicians, heads of quangos and even government, etc etc – I can but repeat: Hmm…….

It seems to me that what is not recognised by the majority is that an elite minority holds enormous political, social and economic power and influence – that in this country, during each five year period, is unchecked – over the majority. Thus they abuse the power they have for the benefit of their minority at the expense of the social majority.

And that sure ain’t democracy!

H/T: IPJ for the video.

3 Responses

  1. Flyinthesky says:

    Populism that the government agrees with is democracy in action, populism that the government disagrees with is mob rule.
    The absolute: Populism “is” democracy anything else isn’t, it may well have a title and be something but democracy it isn’t.
    So why do we call it such and pretend.
    If we had “democracy” a greater portion of the problems we face wouldn’t exist.
    The only democratic thing we do is vote for the colour of dictators we get for 5 years. They call it representative democracy but it’s not really representative at all and far from it.

  2. Henry Wood says:

    What a difference in the way that Senator puts her case as compared to the out and out grandstanding we often see by our own MPs in most of our Parliamentary Committee hearings.

  3. david says:

    Both comments, gentlemen, are superb!

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