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Hear Ye…..

I am travelling to foreign lands tomorrow – Boycottland, aka England where “Our Geoffrey” is concerned, to be precise – for a meeting, so posting will be delayed until late afternoon  as it would appear that my chauffeur is “casting me adrift” on arrival at our B&B while he “shoots off” to attend to “important matters Harrogate”.

Following anything that I manage to post tomorrow evening, as I do not envisage I shall be back in the “Cameroons” until 11pm on Thursday and am out all day Friday, it is not likely much will appear until Saturday morning, at which time it is “odds on” that I may have more to say  on “important matters Harrogate”.

Until then do feel free to use the “archives” of WfW and read that “wot I have wrote”…….

Meanwhile, stay tuned, do……




4 Responses

  1. james Higham says:

    God’s own country. Well, that’s all right then. Careful of Yorkshire Forward.

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