Have you looked around you?

I sometimes wonder if the majority of the public walk around with their eyes shut. If you happen to live in NotSoGreat Britain, consider:

  1. a government exists that is unable to fulfill the function for which it was elected because it has ceded most of its role to Brussels – without the express permission of the people;
  2. therefore – because of 1 – the political class that inhabit the Palace of Westminster have no understanding of the word ‘democracy’;
  3. those that are supposed to enforce what law and order is left in this NotSoGreat country are about to be politicised;
  4. the defense of the realm has been trashed beyond all recognition, for reasons of a dubious nature;
  5. we are unable to control our border – because of 1 – where immigration is concerned;
  6. the demographics of our society are being changed – because of 1 and 5 – again without the express permission of the indigenous population;
  7. Not only has it been shown that the majority of those in the Palace of Westminster are untrustworthy and therefore without any sense of honour and principle, but that so are the media;
  8. ‘Big Brother’ is already with us – George Orwell just got his date wrong;
  9. We are no longer a ‘free people’ – because of 1,2, 3, 7, & 8.
  10. Adoption of the Harrogate Agenda becomes ‘mainstream’ or the political class and media, together, will drag this country into the gutter – if they have not already so done.

Just saying………………

2 Responses

  1. Jim says:

    just wonderning about point 9.
    What do you mean we are no longer a free people?

    When were we ever?

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