Hannan jumps on the bandwagon – again!

Appearing on Twitter at 12:07 today, from Daniel Hannan

“@DanHannanMEP For what it’s worth, I suspect that the UK, Norway, Switzerland and others will all end up with some new free-trade-associate-type status.”

Er, is that not what Richard North, EUReferendum, suggested weeks ago – and one to which I linked just 6 days ago?

Does Hannan have an original thought in what passes for his brain?

4 Responses

  1. wg says:

    I noticed this WfW and had a chuckle – the bloggers are setting the agenda.

    With Article 50 entering UKIP’s vocabulary and people crying out for the ability to get rid of their local council’s parasitic bureaucrats (direct democracy) the plates are shifting.

    “They” are on the back foot and can only repeat the same old ad-nauseum crap that has landed us in the state we are now in.

  2. Ian E says:

    If only we could arrange for a bandwagon to jump on Old Judas-goat!

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