Hain the Brain(less)

A tweet today, Christmas Day:

@PeterHain At least 15000 families dependant upon Foodbanks for Christmas indictment of Tory-Lib Dem austerity failure.”

Has Hain no sense of what is right and wrong? Does the man not realize that this is a time, for some, of religious observance and for others a gathering of family? Did not the party, of which he was a member, have responsibility for this as a result of decisions they took when forming the last government?

We get politics rammed down our throats 362 days a year – is it too much to ask that for two days we might be spared political propaganda from an unthinking, brain-dead, self-important, perma-tanned twat?

Hain: you are stupid, as well as a politician – but then I repeat myself.

9 Responses

  1. David Jones says:

    Well said!

  2. Ian Hills says:

    Wonder if Hain’s remembered to claim his Parliamentary heating oil expenses for his Welsh cottage this year?

  3. “…an unthinking, brain-dead, self-important, perma-tanned twat?”

    And those are his good points. 😉

  4. Edward. says:

    Hain, that ardent supporter of Mugabe and of Mandela, terrorists and murderers and violently racist towards other Southern African tribes and peoples.
    Today, I wonder; is he remembering the victims of Mugabe’s ongoing genocide in Southern Rhodesia, or how it has gone downhill in the Rainbow Republic where most of the population are wistful of better times past?
    How full of cant he still is, yet he is so quiet on all things South African these days.

    Hain, personifies the utter hypocrisy of Socialism, after thirteen years of the Blair and Brown tyranny – the gini index between rich and poor ……..guess what?

    Come on Pete, answer me that.
    Take a look here.

    • Robert says:

      You forgot to mention his moving from the Liberal Party to further his career with the more electable Labour Party.

      Hain is living proof that going into politics in the current age pays well and keeps on giving.

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