Greenland’s ‘independence’

EurActiv has an article on Greenland and the possibility of that country joining the European Union some time in the future. Courted by multinational companies and foreign heads of state over its rare minerals and potential oil resources, Greenland could win full independence from Denmark and join the European Union as a free state, according to one expert on the Arctic.

Damien Degeorges, an associated researcher to the University of Greenland, is of the opinion that it’s also a question for the EU not to repeat the same mistakes or misunderstandings, adding he thinks the EU has corrected its mistakes so the relationship right now between Greenland and the EU is good. He is also of the belief that the EU should just continue to be a good, constructive and pragmatic partner and not disturb the development in Greenland.

That people can be so blind to reality beggars belief – why gain independence from Denmark only to cede that to the EU? Since when has the EU not disturbed the development of one Member State? Since when would having Denmark ‘standing on Greenland’s shoulders be any different to having the EU ‘standing on Greenland”s shoulders’? It surely cannot be in doubt that the weight of Denmark is comparable to that of a feather, when compared to the weight of the EU.

Just saying…….


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  1. Antisthenes says:

    Perhaps the fist elected president of the EU will be an Inuit. 🙂

  2. Ian says:

    Greenland actually LEFT the EEC once to get its fish back.

    It has a fairly high degree of independence from Denmark, rather like the Channel Islands re. Britain.

    Corruption must be behind this suicidal news.

    • right_writes says:

      Yeah… could be corruption, but could also just as easily be the cult of yoof having no memory of why “Old Magnus” left in the first place… As you say, losing all control of one’s own resources.

    • david says:

      No doubt it is – now why would I think that? Oh, wait……..

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