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Go on then NUSUWT and NUT – strike!

Politics Home reports that the general secretary of the NUSUWT has urged the government to “engage constructively” in order to negate any strike action. It is not surprising that adding an ‘E’ to one’s surname (pronunciation being the same) might help one to climb the slippery pole within the ‘educational establishment” – but, again, I digress……..

Whats with this ‘engage constructively’ formulation of words when, in effect, it means: “talk to us, or else”.

Actually it would, perhaps, do our education system the world of good were the NUSUWT and the NUT to strike, coupled with parents of the children affected to then ‘step-in’ and act as ‘stand-in’ teachers. We might then be able to reintroduce an element of ‘Englishness’ into our school curriculum……….

Just saying……………….

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