Politicians continually maintain that they govern for us and in our interests – well, in plain Anglo-Saxon they are bloody liars! Not that our media is any better – this blog has been putting forward, along with others, the proposition that Cameron has no intention of aiming for a Conservative majority government and that his real aim is for a continuation of coalition government with the Liberal Democrats in order to continue his liberal agenda. We now find Robert Colevile, Daily Telegraph, with what one observer on twitter has called a perceptive article, now writing about this and linking to a post by Gary Gibbon, Channel4 News, on his blog.

What we have here is two political parties ‘horsetrading’ their beliefs with but one objective in mind – to maintain their hold on power, along with the ¬†accompanying perks and privileges. And where exactly does the voice of the people feature? On House of Lords reform, admittedly they told us in their manifestos that this was a policy they intended to implement – but they never told us how it would be carried out, nor that they were prepared to set it to one side purely for their own electoral benefit. Likewise boundary redistribution.

Politicians also continually pontificate about democracy and the democratic process but where is democracy and the democratic process when political parties engage in horsetrading for their own political benefit? Where is democracy and the democratic process when politicians intend to interfere with our Constitution and election process without asking those to whom both subjects belong? Where is democracy and the democratic process when political parties allow one of their number to rise from among them and behave in the manner of a dictator? Where is democracy and the democratic process when the people have allowed a politician to assume the role of a dictator – whether through their own ignorance or disinterest?

Direct Democracy and Referism anyone?


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  1. Edward Spalton says:

    Perhaps we should look to Northern Ireland for the future. There the main parties are compelled to be in perpetual coalition with minor adjustments to the number and importance of ministerial portfolios held by the parties after each election.

    The Northern Ireland Assembly is, of course, a very expensive job creation project, designed to keep some really bad boys off the streets. Politicians can become extremely wealthy by having multiple “mandates” as Assembly members, Westminster MPs and MEPs , drawing expenses and salaries in each.

    There is never the slightest possibility of “turning out the old rogues and putting in the new”, so it is politician heaven. North or South there has always been something rather raffish and 18th century about Irish political jobbery and corruption. This must be the apogee. I am sure the lessons will not be lost in the Mother of Parliaments.

  2. TomTom says:

    Northern Ireland has an armoury behind the parties and the satrapy lives off public spending, so the threat of Semtex and Armalite keeps public spending at an acceptable level.

    England is simply back to the 18th Century with private prisons, financial scams, corrupt cabals, and legal chicanery with a disenfranchised population held down with Sedition Acts and Poor Law

  3. Derek Buxton says:

    Waiting in the Doctors surgery, as you do, I noticed scenes from the HoL getting ready for the Queen’s speech….oh alright the CamoClegg speech. A BBC commentator was heard to say “there is the crown, symbol of the Crown in parliament showing that we are a sovereign Nation. “NO we are not” should have been the cry, but then as we all know the BBC do on occasion tell “porkies”.

    • Peter C says:

      Nothing occasional about it, Derek, every single thing they broadcast is carefully honed to bolster and project the Guardian World view; EU good, Euro rock solid (why aren’t we in?), eco nuts good, Big government good, Big Welfare good, Big Regulation good, Authoritarianism good in small doses as long as it doesn’t look at us, NHS best in the world, teachers all saints, every one, Ed Balls brilliant economist, Hariet Harman up there in sister-sainthood with the teachers, Unison should be the government, they’d run things properly!

      The only surprise is they don’t support Cameron’s New Social Democratic Conservatives, they agree on every policy after all, must be the Bullingdon/privilege thing.

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