Gender quotas

An interesting article has appeared on swissinfo dealing with gender quotas where women on company boards are concerned. While the article is worth reading, so is the information in the righthand side column.

At the time of writing,  the one comment from ‘Digit’ says it all really. There is also the chauvinistic point that needs to be made and that is until someone comes up with the required genetic change twixt men and women, one whereby men can conceive and give birth, women will always remain at a disadvantage in the gender equality stakes and in the workplace.

The point should also be made that, until science progresses further, ones entry into life through the normal process of reproduction is a bit of a lottery when considering which side of the ‘divide’ one ends up; coupled with the fact that, generally, women get a choice of ‘career’: ‘business’ or ‘family’ – and one could argue that the latter is also the former.

Just saying – and in so doing, realizing that the foregoing should manage to upset one or two of my readers……….(grins)



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  1. john in cheshire says:

    What if the path to the future actually includes this eventuality; that there are equal numbers of men and women on company boards? But what if this would, in the natural course of events take several hundred years? Then to force it would harm countless lives (men and women). If it isn’t the future, then it will harm countless lives (men and women, although perhaps different men and women). To allow things to evolve at their own pace will adversely affect no one, I suggest. This kind of movement is symptomatic of the I want it and I want it now mindset. just because someone wants something doesn’t mean they should have it. Again, in my opinion, this move towards ‘making everyone equal’ is a symptom of infantilism. Maybe we have been infected with a virus, or a fungus that is inducing this ridiculous effect. Just as Tarantism, I think it’s called, was supposed to be caused by the bite of a spider. There is no such thing as equality. All we can hope for is that there is equal opportunity for our children and equal treatment before the law. Other than that, it’s every man for himself. And stop feeling sorry for yourself if you don’t meet your overblown ambitions (not you WfW, as you no doubt realise).

    • david says:

      a reasoned and reasonable comment – thank you!

    • DP111 says:

      John wrote: Again, in my opinion, this move towards ‘making everyone equal’ is a symptom of infantilism.

      Quite right. I want it now. Whether she deserves it or not, is not the question.

  2. DP111 says:

    This EU agenda reeks of hatred against men. There is an inbuilt assumption that men are biased against women.

    The reality is that if a company found that a woman was better or even equally qualified to do job, they would do anything to get her appointed – if for no other reason then to show how “enlightened” they were.

    It is well known that anything that the government gets involved in, is because it panders to a voting community. The results are always a disaster. If the government or the EU had a monopoly on supermarkets, you can be sure that there would be rationing, and long lines for a 1lb of fly blown meat.

    • DP111 says:

      If this requirement ever became law, women will be appointed whether they have the skills or not. It will lead to resentment by not just other men, but women who were on the board due only to merit. It will open the flood gates to litigation by women, if they were fired, or felt they were being discriminated against in subtle ways.

      Companies will lose valuable time and money to cater to a disgruntled group, both men and women, and the only ones laughing will be the lawyers- all the way to the bank.

      General rule- Anything touched by the government, turns to dross – education, NHS, an inverse Midas touch.

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