Fraser Nelson -another political ventriloquist?

With what presumably is the op-ed piece in tomorrow’s Daily Telegraph, Fraser Nelson ‘lauds’ Michael Gove for his education policy- even to the extent Nelson writes: “…Gove, however, is writing a new script – and in his version…….”. Do note those words: “in his version”.

When has any politician, of the three main political parties, once asked those who pay for the education system and have children – and who pay the salaries of those dictating our educational system – how they would like their children to be educated?

Fraser Nelson is but another example of a ‘journalistic political ventriloquist’ – one who seeks succour from those who might provide a future, diversionary and without doubt more lucrative, career in politics (Ben Bradshaw?).

And we wonder about those MPs who favour censorship of the press? One can but question their motives when it is obvious that that which they seek, they have already accomplished – and all without an Act of Parliament!

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  1. I was rather under the impression that Mr Gove’s policy is that there should be available (more) schools funded by a grant to each pupil from taxpayer funds, however with the schools themselves being run privately and with whatever pupil selection policy they wanted. This would lead to a more open market in school selection (hence parent power and pupil power) rather than school allocation to pupils (or vice versa) being substantially controlled by national or local local-government decision. It also allows parents/pupils to change school at will, thus requiring schools to satisfy their customer base – or go out of business.

    Thus, not only is Mr Gove’s policy providing more choice to the electorate, but it is providing individual choice for each family and providing market forces to drive up quality in provision of education.

    Doubtless this approach, like any approach, lacks perfection. It is, IMHO, a significant improvement on what precedes it.

    Best regards

    • david says:

      Accept what you say, of course – however it is still not the choice of the parents, is it? It is a system imposed on them by central government. Do parents have a choice over curriculum? Do parents have any voice over the employment of teachers? Do parents have a choice over the type of schools that are provided in the locale?

      What the political class term localism is but a license to some liberties and it is a license that can be withdrawn at the drop of a hat. That is freedom of choice? That is democracy?

  2. Wrong. Gove is the only one of the Coalition worth a penny. The Free Schools movement means that those parents who want to decide what sort of education their kids get can go out and make it happen. Best thing that has happened to state education in decades. The real culprits are not the likes of Give but the hidebound ideologues of the NUT.

  3. david says:

    See comment to Nigel S – it is a limited choice and one dictated by a politician.

    If you are content to remain under the political yoke then we will have to agree to disagree.

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