Foreign Aid? Hows about Home Aid?

With the news that, as at the end of December 2012, the national debt was £1,111billion and is forecast to head towards £1,534billion, is it not time that we ended this farce of overseas aid? The Libya campaign cost £200 million and the national debt had risen by more than that by only lunchtime today.

But it is not just the mismanagement of the nation’s finances – digressing, I am sure readers will not have missed the fact that debt is incurred by governments but then becomes “ours” – it is the fact that generally they give the appearance  that, in the words of the Son of God (which they believe they are), “they know not what they do”. The fact that they damn well do know what they do makes it all the more imperative that they are stopped in their tracks.

Where the lack of care for our own vulnerable and old people is concerned it becomes obvious that, to quote CallingEngland, for the politicians it is a career but for us it is a matter of life and death.

Once again – just saying……….


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  1. Robin says:

    I like the threat that if we dont shovel enough Sheckels down to these regions then they will up sticks and make their way into the UK .
    Er… if we spend 10% of that money and commitment into guarding our borders they wont visit for an eternity .

  2. DP111 says:

    How does more money make an organization worse – in fact destroy it

    It is the best explanation I’ve read how the Blair/Brown Labour government destroyed the institutions of the UK- the NHS in particular.

    Politicians are quick to claim credit when the economy is doing well, but hasten to blame global recession when its not.

    Thats the beauty of being a politician – never having to say sorry.

  3. DP111 says:

    Gross incompetence coupled with unrestricted immigration has placed severe stress on the social and economic structures of the UK.

    Labour’s shameful lies on immigration

    Today Ed Miliband will try to get Labour back into the immigration debate. In a mealy-mouthed distortion, he will apologise that Labour didn’t do enough to integrate the latest wave of immigrants. He won’t apologise for opening the floodgates to all-comers, to abandoning immigration controls, in a naked attempt at party-before-country gerrymandering. He won’t apologise for the strains on schools, hospitals, housing and public services that have disadvantaged the poorest and least able of the pre-existing population. He won’t apologise for Labour’s disastrous policy of apartheid or multiculturalism that encouraged division, conflict, competition for rationed resources and discrimination all on racial grounds. In fact, Ed’s twisted and distorted gob will even qualify what he means by ‘integration’ – not at all the same as assimilation, it seems. Ed will define integration as, er, an ability to speak English.

    Will Labour ever apologise for the fact that they have deliberately created an existential crisis for the UK.

    Thats the beauty of being a politician – never having to say sorry.

  4. cosmic says:

    I can see reasons why the Tories are pushing foreign aid; jobs for their pals, strutting on the world stage, detoxifying the brand/cuddling up to the touch feely persuasion, but none it it explains their complete obsession with it and that they push it to the point of making themselves unpopular.

    Wasn’t Brown making a big thing of spending billions to teach Africans to read?

    All it tells me is that these people are out of it and live in their own world.

  5. GoodnightVienna says:

    They make me sick. Thank you for the link, MrW 🙂

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