Fear not, debt and deficit are safe

Politics Home has extracts from Cameron’s post-EU budget press conference, from which:

“Cameron: The best way to protect the British taxpayer is to get overall spending down, which we’ve done,”

“But Mr Cameron confirmed the UK’s net contribution would increase, despite the cut in the overall budget.”

“Under a deal agreed by former PM Tony Blair in 2005, the UK’s rebate – the amount of Britain’s contribution paid back to London – will shrink.”

“The Prime Minister said that deal meant the UK’s contribution “was always going to go up”

“Cameron: Attempts to undermine the rebate were made again and again, at almost every meeting there’s been on this subject. As ever, it was attacked from every side. I fought off these attempts. The British rebate is safe.”

Now it must be obvious from the above that two and two do, most definitely, not add up to four. Our rebate is safe, there has been a cut in the budget, yet our contributions will increase

Confused from Witney, he say WTH is going on here?

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  1. cosmic says:

    Well, do you seriously expect anything Cameron comes out with to be other than garbage and double talk, which appears to say one thing, and it turns out he meant something totally different?

    I get the impression this is making much out of nothing and is all for home consumption.

    Anyway, none of this is agreed yet. The European Parliament has a say.

    • david says:

      Ahem, technically it is agreed – by the Heads of State, but as you say and as did I its about to get scuppered by the EU Parliament.

  2. john in cheshire says:

    I’m afraid that (no I’m not) Mr Cameron has become a joke, just as Mr Brown was a very sick joke.
    One can’t take seriously anything the man says.
    Do we recall the build-up of antagonism for the last Labour party, in at least the year before the 2010 election? I could almost taste the civil war that the socialists had just about lead us to. The pressure eased after the election because we’d ‘gotten rid of the vile socialist shit that had crapped on us for 13 years’. Well, it seems we hadn’t and I am again beginning to sense a rise in the national temperature. I think that by the time the 2015 election is upon us our country (England, by the way) will be reaching boiling point.

    • david says:

      We’ll see what 2015 brings – no doubt the great unwashed will allow themselves to be led by the nose once again

  3. Woodsy42 says:

    This is common to the system of post-normal acccounting that now directs both economics and science.
    Money is debt
    Cold weather indicates warming
    Cheaper energy costs more
    lower fees are more expensive
    Better food makes you ill
    Subsidies equal economic growth
    Diversity makes for more cohesive society
    Regulation increases freedom
    Cameron is simply a scam artist, he has to pretend to be doing something in the national interest. Unfortunately he is only a tiny part of the problem.

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