EU Reform? How?

I see that odious woman, Andrea Leadsom, has another ‘crie de coeur’ in the Sunday Telegraph about reforming the status of this country’s terms of membership of the European Union. Entitled: “An agenda for EU reform we Tories can agree on”, it completely misses the point that where the sovereignty of this country is concerned it is a matter for all of the electorate to decide, not just a political party.

Andrea Leadsom, along with George “Useless” Eustice and Chris Heaton-Harris (who, where speaking and actions are concerned appears to be more concerned with ‘Harris’ than showing any indication to turning the ‘heat on’ the EU) formed the “Fresh Start” group of Conservative MPs who all believe that reform of the EU is a requirement. What has yet to be seen is how, exactly, this renegotiation process is to be conducted (Hint Ms Leadsom: Article 50 of the TFEU?)

In her article, Leadsom writes:

“Although MPs voted in different ways in Parliament last week……”

although she completely ignores the fact that 53 of her colleagues voted against the government, while the rest of her party ‘bent their knee’ in deference to their Leader.

Andrea Leadsom exhorts us, in the concluding paragraph of her article, to target our energies to get ‘reform’ of the EU. Me? I tend to agree with the commentator to Leasom’s article who signs himself “harrbybo” – “I don’t want reform, thanks madam, I want out.”

We all know that the media is prone to get its facts wrong when writing stories, although in the case of the ‘snake‘ that has been ‘re-stuffed’ and now inhabits the library of the Foreign Office at least they got the first letter of the name correct.



2 Responses

  1. Richard Carey says:

    “I don’t want reform, thanks madam, I want out.”


  2. david says:

    Welcome aboard!

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