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E10 – A (N)EU “Green” Fuel*

A report in the Mail writes on the introduction of E10 (petrol with 10% ethanol) and that it is incompatible with some cars, especially those over 10 years old.

The European Automobile Manufacturers Association (ACEA) has produced a handy list of cars that can run on E10, a list which can be downloaded from their website here.

The website of European Biofuels is also a handy reference point for information on the Directives that have been issued on the subject of biofuels – and other relevant documentation – for those readers who wish to delve into the background on the matter of biofuels.

Obviously with no wish to mar the reputation of the press for not providing news, the Mail does not disappoint with this article hinting at the fact that fuel consumption suffers with the use of E10 – EurActiv had the story, almost two years to the day, earlier.

Finally, before those of the rabid anti-EU faction begin mouthing off about the imposition of the EU into our lives,, deciding our laws, etc etc; let us not forget that somewhere in all this the UNECE will have had their fingers in the pie – they are, after all, the UN body with responsibilities for matters transport.

* Like we don’t have sufficient “fuels” in Westminster already and we need another one?

3 Responses

  1. Nick says:

    Yes, but this isn’t really about fuel. It is about ensuring that petrol is more expensive through taxation than E10.

    In short, it is about control. Setting the cost of energy to suit them, not us. It is, quite simply, an attempt to control people. Everything the EU does is to control.

  2. John says:

    Which misses the point, that most things the EU does are as a result of decisions made in the bowels (sic) of the UN by unelected, and unelectable non-human beings.
    The EU is the ever-so-convenient whipping-boy to get the various home governments and the UN off the hook.

    • cosmic says:

      It’s certainly more nuanced than the notion that the EU pushes an unwilling UK government about.

      There are many examples of legislation which the UK government has been at the forefront of promoting in the EU, has not asked for reasonable exemptions, and has implemented with enthusiasm. The EU connection is trotted out as an excuse and the leading part the UK played forgotten about.

      Probably,there are genuine cases of the EU pushing the UK around.

      I’m guessing it’s the same with the UN and the EU, a few things are unpopular and can be avoided, but with most things to do with greenery, the EU is enthusiastic and the UK government is at the forefront.

      The process is obscure and shifty, and the way it’s presented (or not presented) dishonest.

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