Duff and nonsense

The one who considers himself the “Van Damme” of the EU has been granted a slot in the Guardian’s CiF in which he proposes that British pro-Europeans have now got to make the case for federal union. This is hardly surprising because if what he fears does happen he will be reduced to ‘doing a Corbett’; and thus forced to grovel at the feet of some eurocrat for a job.

We can expect more of this ‘moulding of British minds’ in the months to come, especially bearing in mind the latest words of Barroso that the task of creating ever closer union would be pursued at a rapid pace this year.

No doubt we shall be subjected to a bombardment of articles and speeches all of which will be remarkable for their common thread, namely a lack of factual content. On the basis of such ‘fairy tales’ will the latest batch of lambs once again vote for their own slaughter. Digressing slightly, Wikipedia holds that the history of fairy tales is difficult to trace – not so say I; just ascertain when the first politician crawled out from under his stone.

When one considers those in the political world that are supposedly leading what opposition there is to a federal union it readily becomes possible to sympathize with those of the public who have decided to ‘curl up and die’.

Just saying……..



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  1. Paul Williamson says:

    In China the communist party knows what is best for its people. In Europe the EU knows what is best for its people. I recently read that the Falkland Islanders had a right to self determination.
    So who knows best what is right for a nation : its people or its ruling elite?

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