Does the miracle we all seek not lie in our own hands?

Tonight, on channel 4, there was screened a remake of ‘Miracle on 34th Street’ – not a patch on the original which, unfortunately due to my advanced years, I can remember from the late 1940s; but I digress. The story centres around the belief that Santa Claus/Father Christmas does actually exist and that belief is one that we, as adults, perpetuate for the innocent and unknowing among us, namely children. On attaining adulthood, if not before, we are soon disillusioned and the initial reaction is one of disappointment – it certainly was in my case.

As we grew older and wiser we found that another of our beliefs became shattered, namely the belief in politicians, government and democracy – all of which we thought were designed to grant us happiness, to care for us and to lead us to a utopia wherein all that for which we wished would be attainable; that at the end of the rainbow painted by our politicians, government and democracy, would be found our ‘pot of gold’.

That our dreams were shattered can be laid at the doors of power, greed and money – three ‘Gods’, at the altars of whom , both individually and collectively; it would seem our political class worship and to the detriment of the only ‘God’ to whom they do owe any ‘obeisance’, namely we, the people.

There is much discussion in the media – and on some blogs – about the falling percentages of those of us willing to partake in the ‘game’ of being lead to the sunlit lands of utopia. Indeed, to cajole us to continue in this charade it is now being suggested that we might be rewarded financially. What seems to be missing from the ‘analysis’ for the falling interest in politics and the obvious wish of the people not to be a party in this ‘game’ designed by our political class – and who seem to make up the rules of the ‘game’ as they go along – is that what is being witnessed is ‘democracy in action’ in that the electorate is withdrawing their consent to ‘governance’ as they presently know it. This will of course create a ‘void’ and as yet the people have not realized that fact, nor have they understandably yet considered how it can be filled.

Reverting back to ‘Miracle on 34th Street’ and the belief in Santa Claus, I would suggest where our country, its governance and political system is concerned, as children look to Santa Claus to make all their wishes come true, so we adults are looking for our Santa Claus to perform that ‘miracle’ to correct the ills that have bedeviled those three. Whereas children believe Santa Claus is a jolly, benevolent fellow in a red suit dispensing good will to all and sundry, the reality for we adults is a not-benevolent figure dressed in a suit of differing colours, dispensing not happiness but ill will to all and sundry.

In my opinion it becomes beholden of the Harrogate Agenda to show that, through the acceptance and implementation of their 6 Demands, that we can each and everyone of us be Santa Claus; that each and everyone of us can, together, perform the miracle that we all seek and need.

Just saying…….



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  1. A K Haart says:

    “That our dreams were shattered can be laid at the doors of power, greed and money”

    I would add status to that list too. I’m sure many MPs see themselves as having attained a much higher social status than the vast majority of the electorate.

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