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A article from swissinfo reports that because the Swiss government are taking too long to implement the result of a referendum held in November 2010, it has launched another initiative to deport foreign criminals, this time to define exactly under which circumstances they can and cannot be deported.

By allegedly continually delaying the implementation of constitutional provisions on flimsy pretexts, the Swiss People”s Party (SVP) is accusing the federal authorities of trampling on the sovereign will of the people. The federal government has responded by warning that implementing the initiative, which demands the automatic deportation of convicted foreign criminals regardless of the seriousness of the offence, would violate humanitarian law and international treaties. It is worth noting that the latest initiative text specifies that the Swiss law would have primacy over international law.

So, we have a situation wherein treaties which were entered into are resulting in a situation the people will no longer accept and have informed their government – no more, thank you. This is similar to the decision the Swiss people took on the question of minarets.

Is that not the way democracy is supposed to work – the people calling the shots?


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  1. Stuart says:

    I am bloody near speechless that someone somewhere recognises people as sovereign. Not with these shores within our political class will you hear such words spoken.

    • david says:

      The author is not alone in that respect – it is what I have been arguing for yonks by promoting a system of direct democracy.

  2. A K Haart says:

    “Is that not the way democracy is supposed to work – the people calling the shots?”

    In this respect, the Swiss are an example to us all.

    • david says:

      And the sooner the message gets accepted nationally, the sooner we will be on the way to negating the dictatorship under which we presently live.

  3. john in cheshire says:

    If someone would help to protect me, I’d do the same thing here in our country.

  4. john in cheshire says:

    take on the government through the legal system.

  5. Andy Baxter says:

    you can’t take on TPTB John within the current framework unless you are

    a) part of the cosy club (and if so why would you rock the boat?)
    b) got loads of money (in which case you’d relocate to Switzerland or some such place anyway!)

    we can effect change but only in numbers under a common set of ‘demands’ principles or call it what we eventually will and only with effective intelligent leadership and ONLY then in numbers so huge we can’t be ignored… I’ve said before we are supposed to live under The Rule of Law; which is defined as governed by consent and policed by consent; withhold or refuse that consent (peacefully) in sufficient numbers we can then grind down the whole system as it functions at present; in other words cut off its lifeblood of acquiesence and the money that comes with that and they (TPTB) will have to take notice.

    taking them on John individually is pointless, will achieve nothing and you’d be at the mercy of the Rule of Force as TPTB use now as you so rightly identified. We can all take the system on individually but with a collective and focused mind “pick your fights” as my big brother used to say “that way you can be confident of winning!” as he used to always add….

  6. Boudicca says:

    “Is that not the way democracy is supposed to work – the people calling the shots?”
    Of course it is. But that’s also the reason why Quisling Cameron doesn’t want the UK to become a ‘Greater Switzerland.’ It’s got nothing to do with the economy and everything to do with our political elite/Establishment’s loss of power.

    Bastards – every one of them.

  7. Robin says:

    I know that one Parliament is not binding on another , but we have to face up to a challenge here ;

    How can any (our) country be trusted on international agreements if they are easily repudiated by a change of governments or plebiscites ?

    • david says:

      Perhaps all treaties should be sanctioned by the people?

      • Robin says:

        Harder to do in practise .
        Most treaties will be small scale ,business affairs , not on the radar of anyone .

        Then if you sign a traty with a sovereign state , it is with that state , not the government of the time .
        Plus would we like it if other countries renaged on their treaties on the basis they had a new plebiscite on it ? Or change of government ?

        It needs looking into .

      • Andy Baxter says:

        her here by referenda

        • Robin says:

          We have to be practical .

          Departments of government are signing up to and implementing international agreements almost daily .

          For example , are you bothered by the Flanders region of Belgium to withdraw immediate VAT charges on foreign trucks transiting to the Maasland region of Netherlands so long as it is paid through accepted IDS, DKV ,UTA Euroshell , Fina and other fuel bunkering services ?
          You wont be . Unless you buy diesel at a certain truck stop 15 km from the border .

          We need to make sure that whoever signs our treaties has US in mind , either because they are ethically aware or the power of punishment .

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