Condemned by his own words

In my preceding post I linked to one from Richard North in which he found, yet again, just cause to complain about the poor state of journalism in this country.

Lo and behold, unsurprisingly, Lean and Sandbrook – the subjects of Richard North’s ire – are not alone as they are now joined by Andrew Watt in the Guardian CiF.

Bearing in mind Watt’s background, the views he expresses in this article are those that we would expect – but reverting to Richard North’s “beef”, this is but another article in which the culprit of all the problems related to what is now becoming a “nagging” matter, is ignored.

Mind you, any journalist who can produce paragraph after paragraph of what can only be described as “tosh” and then write:

“…..Here, too, Europe’s media have largely failed Europe’s citizens by not looking beyond the specific matter at hand and pointing out the bigger issue…..”

obviously did not have “brain hooked up to fingers on the keyboard”.

Just saying……..

5 Responses

  1. DP111 says:

    Oh dear. Only one way to prevent horse meat in beef burghers – More Europe. Yup, that the ticket.

    The real problem is that when responsibility is spread across the whole EU, it might as well not exist. The meat problem is just a symbol of the problem right across all matters – all of them. Law, trade, cars, buses, trains, electricity, fish, cheese, you name it.

  2. A K Haart says:

    I like this European Food Safety Authority comment on the horse meat scandal.

    “In the European food safety system, risk assessment is done separately from risk management. The European Commission, European Parliament and EU Member States are the key risk managers in the EU system.”

    How anyone ever expected the system to work I can’t imagine. More of the same? No thanks.

    • david says:

      thanks for that link – interesting!

      Also, in a way, a nice example of bureeaucratic “not my fault, guv”!

  3. IanPJ says:

    I know this may seem daft with the level of hype around this issue, but has anyone actually found any horse MEAT in any of these products. As far as I am aware all the reports finally admit that there is only traces of DNA.

    Do we perhaps think that this is a series of engineered events to help that meme of ‘ever closer Europe’ gain public support.

    • david says:

      I thought I read a report that somewhere there existed products of 100% horse dna. I’m no scientist but if that is so would not the meat be horse?

      On your second point, I an agree as the thought has crossed my mind. It also crossed my mindn that as no-one had died, or was likely to die – this was another scare to divert our attention. Memo to self – go check whats come out of brussels and uk parliament lately….. 🙂

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