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Richard North, EUReferendum, comments on the Guardian article which informs us Nick Clegg is mounting a challenge to David Cameron over the timing of negations to repatriate powers. As an aside to this the Express is reporting that Ed Miliband is ruling out any referendum for the time being as he feels the issue was “not a priority” and that most people were more worried about living standards than a vote on our links with Brussels. Membership of the EU has no effect on living standards? FHS!

In his penultimate post leading up to the ‘Harrogate Meet’ Richard North also tackles the subject ofpeople powerwhere unwanted laws are concerned. Where the introduction of law is concerned, perhaps one idea is to delay ‘Assent’ for 28 days which would allow the people to organise a referendum before any possible ‘damage’ could be done – at present a Bill receives ‘Assent’ within days. Where I disagree slightly with Richard North is in his assertion that allowing the public to make law could be abused – methinks I shall have to ‘bend his ear some more’.

The Guardian carries a report on government plans for ‘swift justice’, commenting that it could resolve court cases within hours. If the Guardian – and the media in general – reported actual news then they would know that justice is already meted out within hours – Roger Hayes?

Anyway, understandably, posting today will not occur again until the evening as it is about a four-hour drive to Harrogate (with a stop on the way). No doubt a great deal of the journey time will be spent debating representative democracy with The Boiling Frog………


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  1. DP111 says:

    No one in power is going to do anything about anything. Nothing on the EU. Nothing on the extreme cultural threat that we are under. And nothing on the social stress within.

    We just have to be patient. The pressure on the finances are building up. The debt is piling up. The PFI chickens are coming home. Interest payments are due. Heaven only knows what other debt the last Labour government has incurred but has not disclosed.

    When the crisis arrives, as it did for Greece, then all these politicos will be running around blaming all and sundry. That is the time the Harrogate conference should be preparing for. To be ready with workable solutions to stabilise the nation, and a party to which the electorate can to turn to. As in Greece, people will only look for other solutions when they see the chaos that the previous incumbents have created.

    Once in power, and having restored confidence, then will be the time to educate people the necessity of changing the political system. Only then will the people listen to you about the fundamental cause of the crisis- accountability within, and the EU.

    • DP111 says:


      That will be the time to ask the people to decide for Direct or Representative type democracy. Being in power, you will have ready access to all the arms of the media machine, and can educate the people on the issues.

      You never know though, they may still prefer the devil they know.

  2. Woodsy42 says:

    I hope the meeting goes well and you get some useful ideas for action. Good luck!

  3. Best wishes to all of you, what you are doing is important, however I fear there is an awful long way to go, and I doubt we can reasonably expect to achieve much at all in terms of changing a pretty rotten system, but one which is still slightly less rotten than most other places.

    Still it is necessary to try and try to put some fear into these bastards, and to try to start changing the terms of the debate.

    so Cry havoc! And let slip the dogs of of war , and God for England Harry and St. George.

  4. Sue says:

    I will expect a full report sir!

  5. david says:

    Thanks to all for the comments and best wishes.

    In particular I have to say that to a certain extent I disagree with DP111 as the point about change has to be raised in the eyes of the electorate now as a means of turning them away from tribal voting, as a means of making them think for themselves.

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